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Rape as weapon of ethnic cleansing

We have heard all about that how rape is used as weapon in mass scales war.

Exhibit A: 1971 War

More than 200,000 women were brutally raped in 1971 war in East Pakistan presently Bangladesh to silent all the voices that were being raised against the government of Pakistan with the use of Pakistani military. You can read every year how Pakistanis wail about their POWs and how their army had to surrender but they will never talk about the horrendous acts they committed cos after all its a part of the job.

Let me introduce you how rape is perpetuated in democratic societies; they are used as a weapon against marginalized communities where the rest of society either stays quiet or turns a blind eye to it cos its not something in their backyard.

Exhibit B: Sindh

National shame for Pakistan where rapists are never brought to justice and where every plea of survivor demanding justice turns into another "agenda" of "western agents" and rival political party. The land of pure where clergy takes prides in being "Muslim" and honouring the "word of God" scratch that "Allah", sexual violence is just of meager value to them.

You speak about rape of Muslim women; they start dragging the character and take the shift away from rapists. You speak of rape of Hindu women and none of the clergy speaks up cos their racism is at play here. After all, a Hindu in Pakistan only has "freedom to practice their religion" just on the constitutional paper that no one cares for. If you are Sindhi, from rural Sindh, a poor person and a Hindu, then everything gets played against you cos Pakistan doesn't cares for anything which is not "sexy" enough to be portrayed in TV. You are pretty much the scum of the earth and even if you protest massively, it will not be covered by any mainstream media cos the news is not "cool enough"

Massive protests in Umerkot on Dec 7th, 13th 18th and 19th, 2012
In Thari translated; Provide justice for my sister, V.
And if there is a law minister involved [Ayaz Soomro] who is protecting the rapists because rapists are political workers [PPP & PML-F], then you are totally doomed. It is apparenly their feudal and political right to oppress the people of Sindh, and pseudo liberals wont say anything after all its against the spirit of democracy [Here, I thought democracy was all about voice of the people and accountability towards them.] Calling out rapists and demanding justice is defamation of "democracy" and supposedly people of Sindh have political "agenda". For democracy, our pseudo liberals forget that people have a right to hold every leading political party accountable. For feudals, its an easy access to exploit women and then justify it by sending pseudo liberals to be their minion doormats. Obviously they own the lands and everything that comes with it, including women and children

In 2010, Asian Human Rights Commission said that some 20-25 Hindu women are forcibly converted and sexually assaulted every month. Though Sindhi news media is very effective in reporting but Urdu and English news media doesn't cares for any of this, cos of all the above reasons, and ofcourse its cool to talk abt what is happening in Egypt and Syria and especially India in terms of rapes rather than what is happening to ethnic minorities aka Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan.

Exhibit C: Umerkot Rapes

Umerkot rapes are not the first of their kind, Sindhi Hindus have been targeted with sexual violence for quiet sometime now, Kasturi Kohli, Rinkle Kumari, Dr. Asha Lata, Vijanti, Hakeema are very few names to the story where PPP's members like Sharjeel Memon, Sharmila Farooqui, Mian Mithoo, Ayaz Soomro have systemically silenced them. Yet, the audacity of PPP and its rape apologists to talk about women rights. Kindly get rid of rapists & rape apologists from you rank first.

SSP Umerkot, Riaz Soomro, brother of Ayaz Soomro, law minister, is actively denying justice to the survivors by not doing his job. Reliable sources have mentioned that they have been given strict orders not to pursue the case and delay it as much as possible.

As of now, Umerkot rape survivors are facing terrible level of difficulties perpetuated systemically, they havent been able to get proper treatment for their sexual assaults, both girls are in local hospitals and their family are being denied justice everyday.

But hey, who cares, they are (6 &14) yr old Hindu girls from rural Sindh, whose childhood and humanity was taken away from them. And then our Pakistani pseudo elites and interior minister Rehman Malik act all surprised when there is mass Hindu migration from Sindh.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Online Harassment: Hacker Culture

Dear Nerds,

Honestly after realizing the way you reacted to the blog of @Asher_Wolf on "Dear Hackers, We Need to talk", I am mortified and then I decided thats it time to give you a lesson in 101 Online Harassment, Anonymity etc etc.

I am not a hacker but I am a community organizer, I am Socio-Anarchist and I understand the way you guys work but not what you guys do.

Calling out sexism, misogyny and douchebaggery is common in main stream communities but it becomes more tedious when marginzalized communities are called out on their sexist, racist or any kind of oppressive attitude.

Someone tweeted;

Exhibit A:

NEWSFLASH: People in real world and in hacker world exist with their multiple identity aka multiple marginalisation, ignoring that is ignoring the fact that they exist, that their identities exists. You are also ignoring the fact that they have lived experiences of oppression and you are DENYING them of their identity and their existence.

SOLUTION: You wanna combat something in any community, talk about it, bring it up, dont shove it under the pretty carpet of "ALL HACKERS ARE ONE", that shit doesnt works, it hasnt worked and it will never work.

Exhibit B:

"Equity" is the WORD, not equality. We can NEVER be equal till we are equitable. Yes, hackers are anonymous and no one at large knows them but in a small community everyone knows everyone. Its a Fact. I have done grassroots organizing and I know how tiny community work esp who are doing progressive and ground breaking work. So recognizing something doesn't holds you back but it helps in addressing issues.

MY AGENDA: Oh yeah, I have an Amazonian agenda of world domination and giving all the morons a piece of my mind, thought you might never ask.

Ashe_Wolf has been doing some lovely work in terms of helping out women are facing gender violence and spreading their voice. Hackers community should be proud that there are people like her and not should penalise her for holding her own community accountable.

Exhibit C: Call out Harassers & Sexists

My question to you is that WHY NOT, any community whether Anonymous or otherwise should be safe for their marginalised members; women, disabled or racialised members of your community should not be in a position where they are made feel unsafe all the time. So are you saying that if there were hackers who were pedophiles or rapists or wife beaters, you will condone their actions just cos they are hackers??? This is absolutely ABSURD!! Thats a very ridiculous and irresponsible statement, people who are harassers should be shunned from each and every community

I firmly believe in naming and shaming people, this can be done as to highlight the incident and to highlight the person if necessary. Anarchy doesnt means fighting against the machine and being rowdy, it also means "order" in your ranks. If you are not going to be organized in a firm and strong manner you will never be able to impact people and utilise your full potential.

So here is my counter question to you; if you were in bar with your lady friend and you knew the guy she was talking too has mixed rouffies in her drink; would you let her know or not? Would you let others know or not that he is a dangerous man?

In another scenario, if there was a money laundering scheme going on by some big corporate; would you let the people know or not that they are being scammed?

I am trying to draw parallels here; so you can understand the seriousness of the situation. Online harassment is very vicious and common and its supposedly 40% more traumatizing than street harassment due to the nature of anonymity.

So here I am hoping that cryptoparty and hacker culture will take notice to harassment and sexism in their community and not ignore it because its "bros before hoes."

Ayesha aka aSh

Protest for V. - Umerkot Rapes

So while elites of Pakistani pseudo-liberals thought that all 99% of us are creating a hoax of rape incidents on minors in Umerkot. Here is something which happened for survivor V. Meghawar outside Karachi Press Club on December 7th 2010 by Sindhi Social Media Forum

People protested outside of Umerkot Press Club on December 13th, 2012

There have been numerous protests which occurred in Umerkot itself which attracted a wider number of community members though our mainstream media has been ignoring it. Following pictures are from December 18th, 2012

       In above picture, we have Mir Hassan Ariser and Nizamani Ali Nawaz, the local activists

Protest at press club Umerkot on Dec 19, 2012. A boy joined the huger strike having a play card with above said demand, written in Thari language.

So what I want to ask from my dear "liberal" and apologists and leading parties staunch supporters, is this real enough for you, because your systemic silence will take the lives of poor and under-privleged of this country. These people have been protesting and protesting for a long time. Its not the Hindus of Pakistan who have given up; its apologists like you who dont care to see things anymore and blanket silence of mainstream media of Pakistan proves that no one cares for these people.

P.S. The rapists are currently being given protection via law minister, Ayaz Soomro, who is member of leading political party [PPP] Pakistan Peoples Party, who have a history of protecting rapists and promoting rape culture, you can find summary here

You can read more about incidents here and here

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Redux: Dear Hacker Community, We need to talk...

    So how do nerds respond to being called out sexist; they hack the website which spoke of their sexism; meet Asher Wolf from crypto-party Australia where she wrote about sexist attitudes in hacker community


    If that was not enough, she is being called out that she did it for publicity, this is absolutely outrageous.

    I am no hacker but I know how sexism from misogynistic males stops women from being a part of the community. This is the same thing that I face in my advocacy work on gender violence and this is something which unfortunately exists in leftist communities too

    I am reblogging the original story because this story needs to be told


    Original URL:

    Dear Hacker Community – We Need To Talk.

    Some parts of this article deal with misogyny, sexism, and harassment, while other aspects of it respond to experiences of down-right douche-baggery.

    It doesn’t apply to all of you, but a number of you engage in it and many of you are bystanders.
    I know a lot the community doesn’t want to talk about this stuff. I know I didn’t personally try to build a bridge between wannabe-crypto-users and hackers so I could deal with shitful sexism, misogyny and down-right crappy behavior.

    I know most people would rather just delete a sexist webpage or image, apologize for the offensive comment, or shitty behavior and move on. Again.

    But things aren’t changing for the better. And pasting anti-harassment rules on conference wikis doesn’t seem to be making a dent in obviously unacceptable behavior of some arseholes.
    Yes, of course, there are arseholes in all communities. But some communities make sexists, misogynists, harassers and general arseholes truly unwelcome.

    Unfortunately, the hacker community seems to flounder at making progress in the area of human relations.

    “We’re trying!”

    Yeah, I hear you, but it’s not good enough. Not good enough by far.

    Inequality doesn’t just spring up without a context. And women don’t just opt out of hacking and hacker communities because of the tired rhetoric “maths and hacking is boys’ business.”
    No, women stay the hell away from hacker-spaces, conferences and tech initiatives because of on-going experiences of misogyny, abuse, threats, put downs, belittlement, harassment, rape.
    Last infosec conference I went to – there was six females and over 1000 males in attendance. My female friend roped me into pretending I was her lesbian lover, simply to get a guy to let-the-fuck-go of her hand.

    “Oh, I’ve never experienced misogyny at a hacker conference”, says someone.

    Well great for you. Many of us have. Including myself.

    So much, that last night, I quit as an organizer of Cryptoparty.

    It was an initiative I cared about and was deeply involved with setting up.

    And yes, after I quit I said “fuck” a whole lot, and cried an ocean, then packed my son the toddler off to my mother’s house for the night and got profoundly drunk.

    And now I’m ready to talk about the arse-hattery that basically broke me over the last few months.

    I’m not some wall-flower or “pearl-clutching” provoker of needless moral outrage.

    As a teenager I lived in youth refuges and on the streets. I’m unwilling to put up with bullshit

    I have no problem fighting back. I’m not scared of speaking up either.

    So what went wrong?

    Cryptoparty was created one very boring evening, in a very open and inclusive conversation on Twitter, a little over four months ago.

    I thought if the gap between cryptographers, hackers and users could be bridged, perhaps some activists would have a chance at scaling back aspects of surveillance. If we could teach people how to use crypto – we could maybe begin to organize without surveillance.

    I paid a friend to set up a wiki and Cryptoparty was born. Decentralised, DIY, psuedo-leadership. All the catchy keywords. It felt exciting. It took off. People were drawn to the concept. Beer, chips, party.

    And it seemed so easy to set up a Cryptoparty. The only requirement was a venue, and people willing to learn.

    My rule was “counter negative criticism with unbearably nice optimism.” Anyone who whinged about something was asked to fix it themselves. A “do-ocracy” supposedly.

    As soon as the Cryptoparty wiki went online I asked that an anti-harassment statement be included, much to the expressed chagrin of some men. They said it wasn’t necessary. They said they’d help deal with harassment personally, if it happened (by the way – they didn’t.)

    Later on, it was one of those same men who’d been so resistant to the idea of an anti-harassment declaration on the wiki – who participated in bullying and talking down to me.

    Meanwhile, Cryptoparties were springing up around the world faster than I could keep track.
    Anyway, at some point I broke – something in me broke or something broke me.

    There were lots of little things, piling on me day by day. But let me try to explain the events of the last four months a little for the readers at home.

    Here goes…
    A number of Cyptoparty organizers regularly talked down to me when I questioned their choices, suggested I wasn’t qualified to comment on their actions.
    And then they left me to face public scrutiny when the shit hit the fan over their stupid, unilateral decisions:

    Some examples:
    “We’re writing a Cryptoparty manual, it’ll be crowd-sourced by a limited group over four days…” (What? When were they planning to run the peer review before publication? Never?)

    “Ohai, I’m running a Cryptoparty at Google and Mozilla.” (Cryptoparty is supposedly commercially non-affiliated and non-profit. Allowing it to be hosted at Google and Mozilla raised a number of issues that were never addressed.)

    “Our Cryptoparty has a “no-laptop” rule, to keep users safe.” (Great, fabulous, and how were you planning to help new-comers learn to install crypto-tools?)

    “We ran a Cryptoparty with @OpenISP in Tunisia with a real-name policy, funded by USAID.” (What the holy fuck!? @*#*@$&*!!!!!!!!)

    You get the picture?

    When I communicated about concerns and issues – as well as complaints from Cryptoparty participants peeved with out-of-touch crypto-lecturers who wanted to teach command lines to crypto-newcomers – I got put downs, got brushed off, ignored, told “oh don’t worry, we’ll look after it, it won’t be a problem”, “don’t worry your head about it”, or aggravatingly – told that I wasn’t qualified to judge their choices as I wasn’t a crypto-expert or a hacker.

    And I got told to quit. Quite a bit, actually.

    And then I got emails telling me to stick to motherhood and tweeting.

    When I criticised @RT_Com for airing a segment on Cryptoparty that promoted CryptoCat (an insecure host-based security tool, not a core tool taught at Cryptoparties) – Cryptocat’s founder, Nadim Kobeissi responded:
    I think I may have told him to go bite me.

    Eventually we both apologized for niceties sake, but damage done.

    I also copped flack for the technically inaccurate aspects of the Cryptoparty manual, despite not having worked on the technical aspects of the book and having suggested to the book’s organizers that the project’s time-frame was too short.

    When the issue of technical flaws in the Cryptoparty Manual took off on the LiberationTech email-list I responded: “I didn’t work on the technical aspects of the book. I can’t. I don’t have the right skill set.”

    Jacob Appelbaum responded:
     “I believe that you are totally able to learn and I think that it is very demoralizing when people say they are *unable* or *unwilling* to learn.”

    Jacob continued: “That isn’t to say that you will become a developer of cryptographic protocols.”

    Appelbaum’s charming treatise finished with a flourish: “It is to say that many people will need to make choices about security and trusting a vanguard is dangerous. We’re always trusting someone and I realize that reality. I didn’t write my own compiler to compile my email client before sending this email with hand crafted electrons… However the high level view of most of this stuff is well within the grasp of each person – it just requires an interest and *educational resources* that empowers *all people* to learn.”

    My response:

    “Wait, I’m just trying to remember when I last slept more than 4 hours in a night while trying to educate myself.

    I’ve gone from being a Facebook user to running OTR, PGP and Tor all in under a month. Note: I’m a sole parent, without access to child support, no childcare and trying to support myself, my son, put myself through postgraduate studies and contribute to social movements.”
    I should point out, Jacob was invited to speak at the first Cryptoparty. He asked me to use PrivateGSM, which I found impossible to install on my phone. 48 hours without sleep, and finally I managed to get it working on a friend’s phone. Hours before the Cryptoparty, Jacob let me know he had yet to install it himself. And then a couple hours later, he messaged to pullout entirely.
    Yes, I’m sure he was very busy.

    The idea behind Cryptoparty had always been about building a bridge between the crypto-community and new-comers, but increasingly I felt locked-out.

    Multiple Cryptoparty IRC channels were created and the people creating them didn’t inform the general public about them, and didn’t add them to the wiki. Some of the servers they placed the IRC channels for Cryptoparties on were almost impossible to access.

    One day I made it into one of the Cryptoparty IRC rooms – under a different handle than usual – and watched.

    I watched a bunch of male Cryptoparty organisers talking about me – about how I knew nothing about crypto (well, that much was true, but the point had always been to build an educational bridge) and that “real hackers” should be the face of Cryptoparty, not a “mommy-type.”

    Mommy-type. As if having a uterus made me ineligible. But I said nothing. I let it slide, for the sake of keeping the peace. I was trying to be “nice.” But I should have said something at the time.

    Instead, I decided to drop back a bit from organising Cryptoparties, focus on getting a personal website set up instead.

    An organizer from a Cryptoparty in London offered to make me a website, said it’d cost $700. Said it’d only take weeks. I was foolish, I handed the money over, emailed him the links I wanted uploaded and waited. And waited…

    When my “web-developer” got in contact next it was to tell me he’d gone on holidays and had presented Cryptoparty at the European Commission’s “No Disconnect” meeting. He hadn’t discussed it with me before-hand. I still have no idea what representations he made to the E.C. about Cryptoparty. He never reported his talk with the E.C. to the Cryptoparty wiki.

    When I tried to discuss how the issue, he /rage-quit the conversation.

    Oh, and he *still* hadn’t done any work on the website either…

    (Thanks to @selfagency for creating this website voluntarily and free of charge – it’s appreciated.)

    Eventually, a number of friends encouraged me to apply to speak at 29c3 about Cryptoparty. My family offered childcare, on the sole condition I gained a speaker spot at 29c3.
    At AUS$3k for a return flight to Europe, affording an airfare would have required me to do some serious crowd-funding – an idea I hated – but was willing to do for the sake of the chance to visit 29c3. It would have been my first holiday since 2008.

    In the background of my application to speak at 29c3 was the fact a Sydney-based male Cryptoparty organiser had already posted in an application to speak at 29c3…

    In an attempt to bridge the issue, I invited the 29c3 application to be crowd-sourced and agreed to make the talk into a panel – including the individual who had originally put in an application. He sat in on the crowd-sourced process of writing of the application, contributing nothing except criticism to anything I wrote for hours.
    He didn’t actually contribute any text himself.

    Later, he texted to say he thought he may have a “bit of an ego issue.”

    29c3 got in contact, asked if I was willing to take some people off the application for the panel. I felt unable to, under pressure to yield to everyone. The application for a Cryptoparty panel at 29c3 was rejected.

    Rejection always sucks, but what really rubbed my nose in it was knowing a group of guys who had treated me like crap, who put me down, talked down to me, criticized and belittled me for months… were heading off to 29c3 and running a Cryptoparty workshop – as opposed to the panel I’d applied for – without me.
    And so finally, the last few days…

    Watching Jacob Appelbaum on stage talking about the fight against the surveillance state via a glitchy live-stream.

    Watching the guy who spent hours criticizing a compromised, crowd-sourced application to 29c3 tweet about how he was on his way to the conference – oh boy!

    And watching the person I paid $700 to create a website *months* ago tweet he’d be at 29c3… and how he was looking forward to hanging out with the guy who criticised the Cryptoparty 29c3 application non-stop too (wheeee!)

    And no, the “web-developer” still hasn’t built me a website or paid me back.
    So by the time 29c3 properly got underway, my nose was more than a little out of joint.

    And I stopped sleeping properly.

    I reached peak rage as the ‘Creeper Card’ issue unfolded at 29c3. You might have read about the cards, if you were watching the 29c3 twitter stream.

    The ‘Creeper Cards’ ( originated at DefCon in 2011.

    Red cards supposedly represented unacceptable behavior.

    At 29C3, someone took a bunch of the ‘Creeper Cards’ and made them into a statement all of their own. An image of a headless female body.

    The ‘Creeper Cards’ were ripe for send-up. Let’s face it: the hacker community has begun to rely upon ouiji board-style methods often utilized by individuals with profound communication impairment.

    The headless ‘Creeper Card’ female body image is one hell of a statement. It’s implied message: creeps will exist, where-ever and when-ever and despite the initiatives you take, your efforts will be subverted, and all your efforts will be subjugated to place the focus back on your body, your gender…

    And I’m sure, if it wasn’t for the fact I was incredibly pissed off about how I’ve been treated by some elements of the hacker community, then maybe I would have found some aspect of the ‘Creeper Card’ image funny. Maybe.

    I didn’t.

    Instead, when I saw the Headless Female ‘Creeper Card’ image I blacked out with pure rage for more than a few seconds.

    And then I publicly railed, in unholy unrestrained outrage for all the ways I had lost my faith in members of the hacker community over the last few months.

    I quit Cryptoparty publicly, live on twitter, raging against the slimedom I’d encountered over the last four months.

    And then I watched as twitter-users pounded me for the “drama” I’d “caused”, for being a potential “lolcow” for having an emotion, rather than just sweetly tweeting the news like a respectable automation.

    Journalist Quinn Norton, responding to my decision to quit Cryptoparty wrote: “You know who is worse than hacker culture and really really doesn’t give a shit? The people we need to use crypto against.”

    If the hacker community truly has no respect for the values flushed away by regimes who seek to crack crypto – and no will to fight harassment, discrimination and douchebaggery – then frankly we might as well give up and join the storm-troopers.

    I didn’t create Cryptoparty just so a bunch of privileged white boys could exclusively hang out together, slurping down ClubMate while trying to figure out how to anonymously use BitCoin to buy Aderall off SilkRoad.

    You shouldn’t need a red card wagged in your face to let you know your behavior is shitful.

    Yes, it’s all so very well-meaning, but ultimately “Creeper Cards” are like all other responses so far in most parts of geek community – bullshit tokenism.

    For the most part, the study of human relations within hacker culture is marginalised (except of course, the realm of social engineering and scholarly endeavours.)

    Human relations issues such as discrimination and harassment are relegated to informal talks, given no space on the main stage – and anti-harassment statements are tacked-on, ignored on most conference websites.

    After I quit Cryptoparty people responded I had to stay, had to take responsibility for changing the culture of the community.

    I was beyond tact. I howled “fuck you” back at them repeatedly. I was sick to death of being constantly requested to fix other people’s shitty behavior.

    I tried to build bridges and at the end of the day was left with the mockery of an option to flap little pieces of red fucking card in the air – and my public howl in despair at the absolute wankery I’d experienced over the last few months.

    So you still want an solution to the issue of douchebaggery in hacker-spaces? Really?

    Ok. Start by talking about it physically, formally in public spaces. Not just online, on wikis and in small working-groups or in informal talks run by feminists.

    In workplaces around the world, human relations departments trot their workforces off to anti-discrimination workshops on a regular basis.

    Human Relations departments do it because they know the cost of not formally addressing harassment and discrimination impacts upon the workplace, both in terms of productivity and culture.

    I’m not suggesting we send the global hacker community off to a H.R. anti-discrimination/anti-harassment training session (though it probably wouldn’t hurt.)

    But if you’re serious about dealing with discrimination and harassment – put it as a topic on the main-stage. I really mean it.

    Put the anti-harassment policy as an opening statement at your hacker or infosec conference. Chose a “thought leader” to open the conference each year who will be willing to engage the topic of community standards, even for a few minutes.

    Would 10 minutes at the start of a conference explaining anti-discrimination policy and acceptable conduct really infringe on anyone’s “fun”?

    It won’t change the culture of asshattery over-night, but it will begin a conversation that’s needed – far more necessary than another article or blog post like this, or more red-card waving in the wind.

    Is it selfish for me to quit Cryptoparty? Probably. But I believe Cryptoparty will survive without me.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find another way to get my message across that the culture has to change without walking away, at least for now.

    And it is also self-preservation. I couldn’t stand another second of the crap I went through over the last 4 months.

    So many of you are fucking bystanders, and my respect for you has gone down the toilet over the last few months. You knew what I went through. And you said nothing. Go to hell.

    You’ll drink Club-Mate in your hackerspaces and tinker with stuff.

    I’ll go back to child-rearing and tweeting in the lull while the toddler is occupied and amused…for now.

    We’ll see what the future brings.

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PPP - Protecting Rapists??

I guess this is becoming a trend for Pakistan Peoples Party [PPP] where they have turned out to be one of the biggest violators of women rights and human rights. They do claim to be "liberal" and "progressive" in their values but their actions are far worst than imaginable.

After the case of Rinkle Kumari and Mian Mithoo [MP] who is fiercely protected by PPP, the person who is responsible for abduction, rape and forcible conversion of Rinkle, we have the new case of another Hindu minor who was sexually assaulted in Sindh by a local PPP worker. Sharjeel Memon [MP] also got away with the same shit in 2010 in Nagarparker. When that survivor and her family had gone on hunger strike outside the Hyderabad press club, Sharmila Farooqui [MP] was sent to them to pressure them to drop the case.

[Note: I am not writing the name of the survivor as she is a minor; its unethical to release names of minors who are survivors of rape and sexual violence. All the accounts have been confirmed after speaking with survivors' family]

These are some of the things that have happened so far;

A minor is raped by a local leader of PPP, in the district of Umerkot in Sindh. She is much younger than 14yr old.

We have verified it from official sources. Its FIR no 61/12 u/s 354 PPC on the complaint of "Bheel" against 3 accused. The application of innocuous sec 354 PPC clearly shows malafide as its bailable and it would further aggravate things for the victim.

The accused names are Aziz, Majeed & Maroof. The case is high profile as mentioned earlier as one of the accused involved is the local leader of PPP while the other accused belongs to powerful and influential "Rind" clan in Sindh.  

The victim’s father and other community members went to Chachro taluka hospital for a medical checkup, but the doctors refused to carry it out without an FIR. When the father asked the police to file an FIR, they also refused. “We are very poor,” the father said. “It is an injustice against our daughter. We need justice but no one is willing to cooperate.”

After raping the Hindu minor & not getting any forensics done, there was an attempt to kidnap her too.
The survivor is a Bheel -- not just Hindu, but a scheduled caste Hindu. The rape of children from scheduled castes is very common in Sindh.

is not helping survivor in Umerkot case as SSP of the district Riaz Soomro is brother of Ayaz Soomro, who is a member of PPP, aka law minister.

Here is what I am asking from Pakistani awam;

WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU? WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE? Or is the "DEMOCRACY" protecting rapists these days in Pakistan??

You were quick to criticize political parties, and establishment of Delhi but DO you have Courage and sincerity to stand up against PPP. (Those who cannot handle harsh words please refrain as it is about Rape of a Minor by a Party, that enjoys the support of liberal section)

Honestly I am not going to reply to any nonsense by Pakistani that "why focus on Pakistan" on the issue of rape of minors b/c this is my home, I will fix it first. And no one claims to be more pious than our great "Muslim Pakistani pious males". Kindly dont be a bigoted douchebag; be a better person lets focus on our national issues rather than point fingers towards India.

Have some god damn shame; this is a rape of a minor which means that it can happen to your kid in your god damn home by some rich ass fedual who thought tht it was his birth right to do so.

Call your MPs in your contituents and ask them what they are doing to protect that little girl.

Demand resignation from PPP ministers over this incident! As this is turning into an incident where one rapist of PPP is being protected by another rape apologist and sympathiser aka Ayaz Soomro by providing police protection via his brothers' help and making survivors' live tedious.

Show the survivor's family that they are not alone in this incident!

Reported Source:

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anti-Racism 101 for Abid Sher Ali

It is of no surprise to anyone that Pakistan is one of the most systemically and institutionally racist State. I know a lot of people nag about the systemic racism perpetuated by Saudi Arabia but I argue that what they do is nothing in comparison to what Pakistan does cos its a "republic". We all forget that its not just "Islamic" but its also "Republic" of Pakistan. We fail to realize that we are a civil society and such behavior is absolutely unacceptable especially when it comes from perpetuating everyday racism in a multi-cultural society.

Let me introduce you Abid Sher Ali, he is PMLN member from Punjab province and represents you in the national assembly as MNA in Pakistan. Its no surprise that people always project racist undertones while they speak in their everyday life but Abid Sher Ali is gold!

I mean Abid Sher Ali, definetley never learnt how to make political arguments objectively and cool headedly, so he had to stoop as low as being "racist" to de-ligitmize any opposition point.

Exhibit A: The gold arguments by Abid Sher Ali

Exhibit B:
In reply to my tweet, Abid Sher Ali wanted to make me "squeal like a pig"
Is this a crime to be a Bengali in the pure land of Punjab/Pakwatan/Pakistan, that dear plans to execute me for it or is that the only thing that Punjab has got to offer rest of the country i.e. people who are bigoted, racist and those who plan to extend the legacy of civil war of 1971 which cost a loss of province???

I am Pakistani of Bengali descent, my parents are Pakistani who were born in East Pakistan and my grand parents were from Calcutta who fought in independence of 1947 and then in civil war of 1971 and this is how we get paid back; with their legitimized racism.

And I DEMAND to know from this morally lose nation, what is wrong in being Bengali, speaking Bangla, living our lives, contributing to the economy and demanding equal rights cos we get de-ligitimized everywhere cos hey we dont own a province. And for heaven sake, not all Mahajirs are Bengalis, get your god damn facts straight!

Exhibit C: And when its not enough you are accused of being "parha likha" [educated] by a doormat who came to justify racism, unfortunately Fazia from PMLN [unfortunately whom many admire] Bibi ji, being "parha likha" might be a crime in your home village/town, its not a crime from where I come from.
You wanna know the history of Bengal, the first woman who graduated with honours in a subcontinent was Bengali, her name was Roquia Sakhawat Hussain. She was one of the biggest advocates for education of women and the biggest feminist in her time. You, dear racist, are a disgrace to women of Pakistan as you stood and supported racism and then had the audacity to tell me "parha likha" rhetoric.

Exhibit D: Anti Racism 101 for Abid Sheri Ali cos obviously he missed a few sessions on etiquette and manners while attending Parliament sessions.

Abid Sher Ali has the audacity to shower everyone with his racist attitude and when asked for accountability he will openly call out with threats like "I will make you squeal like a pig". So dear Abid Sher Ali, my RACIST MNA, I will look forward to all the threats that you might need to send my way through your supporters or your feudals or your doormats for women like Faiza.

You know whats wrong with Pakistan, everything is so pervasive that no one really cares that there is so much wrong with the state. You have pervasive level of sexism and gender violence that every day when women get raped, become survivors of domestic abuse, get thrown acid at, get forcibly converted and get legalised into a forcible marriage through Supreme Court, no one bloody cares, why?? Obviously cos it happens!!

Shit happens all the time so why the hell anyone needs to care at all. We, Pakistanis, just see things as headlines in their evening news, get outraged and go out in our lives cos obviously its not our responsibility to stand up against this bullshit. We live in our homes, pay our bills, do our own shit or dont care what goes on with people who work around us cos its not our problem!

NEWSFLASH: It is your god damn problem!! It is our collective problem cos when we dont call out people on their problematic behavior, it becomes pervasive. It becomes pervasive to the extent that it becomes invisible and part of the culture and we start defending it as part of our own identity.

You know what's the sad part, the sad part is that despite of all the lessons on sensitivity and lesson on sense of culture 101, all these feudal morons who think that they bought Pakistan with money, will be voted in all over again.

Hail Pakistan!

Friday, December 21, 2012

No land for women

You need to understand, we come from a culture where women are not appreciated, I was not appreciated. I have seen my mother shedding tears in silence that none of her sisters ever saw or thought that she was worth looking into. I remember the rage I felt when I was told how my dad disgraced her and she just went through everything because she had 4 daughters and zero support network and how she was told to suck it up!

I was 12 when I came to know that.. I remember having a huge argument with my father and for defying him being beaten up to the extent that I couldnt move from my bed for 2 days.

I remember my mom looking at me from her tearful green eyes and commanding me very sternly and very strongly, "yeh mera aur tumharay abbu ka masla hai tum beech main nai bolo gi" [This is between you and my father and you won't say a single word]

I remember crying my heart out during lunch breaks and not be able to tell my friends of what happened cos they would always tell me that

"this is normal,

"this happens,

"I dont know why you even care for such thing.."

and the list goes on. The reason I write about it cos this is what made me and this is who I am. I was the eldest of her kids and I couldnt protect anyone. All that violence and abuse is etched on my soul and I vividly remember every detail as it was just yesterday and even though today I am quarter of a century, I cannot help myself but feel how much I failed in protecting people around me cos thats who I am. I protect my people, I protect my person, I protect my friends.

The reason I am never an apologist for violence because at the end of the day this is what exactly Pakistani Muslim men do, they emotionally, psychologically, financially and sometimes physically abuse women in their homes and in their lives. This is a larger part of what we live and what we see, this is the true and ugly face of South Asian society.. and then everyone screams racism and "islamophobia" but no one will stand up and shame the abuser in Muslim community... why.. because its something that a women is suppose to do. She is suppose to plaster a fake smile on her face and suck it up because it is what it is and there is no way around it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poem: Strength

In response to Acceptance;

We are here,
You might not know us
We might not be warriors
We might not be like you
Not as sturdy
Not as caring
Not as lovable
Not so kind
Not seen what you seen
Not did what you did
Not braved all those wounds
Not battled all those storms
But we are here
Dont have much
Dont know much
But we do have
an ounce of herb
a touch of courage
a bottle of elixir
a pinch of sunshine
mild fragrance of jasmine
with smell of freedom
and a drop of love
to hold your hand
to help you move
to let you know
"You aint alone;
You wont drown;
You wont lose"
you can see too
cos we are here

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Consent 101 for Dummies

The reason I am writing this post because in the past months I realised that people actually dont get what constitutes as harassment, rape, rape apology so on esp by the Pakistani male population.

Even if you listen calmly and try to explain it to them, they literally don't get it. Honestly I dont blame them considering they watch "Bollywood" movies for entertainment which teaches "NO means YES", "MORE NO means OH! I WANT YOU SOOOO BADLY" and as my buddy Adnan places it that "they think that it takes 3 songs just to reach your destination" -_-

So here I am writing this hoping that people will actually understand it;

CONSENT: It means to permit, approve, or agree; comply

a) WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU: If someone has agreed to something which was of mutual in nature e.g. Someone will need your permission if they are entering your house.

      i) ONLINE REFERENCE: No one just barges someone online profile or even in personal interaction and shares their sexual fantasies with them on platforms like Twitter & facebook

b) WHAT DOES IN INTERACTING WITH OPPOSITE SEX/SAME SEX FOR SEXUAL FAVORS: Urban dictionary describes it as "getting permission for touching, kissing, or various sexual behaviors" whether the interaction was offline or online.

c) Reason: Because the other person didnt give you the "permission" to do so. If they said NO, it means a NO. If they didnt ask for your personal kinks or sexual preferences, it means a NO. If the topic was brought up and they felt uncomfortable and called you out for "harassing" them, it means a NO. At no point in them, it means a "YES" at all.

Consent culture is a huge part of how we interact with people. We want to do something, we ask for their permission. Its like invading personal space and unless someone invites you, you dont have any right to enter it.

d) CONSEQUENCES: IF you are one of those people who thought that a person was their personal property and you can "SAY" or "DO" whatever you want, then you are most probably a douchebag who harvests a "rapist mentality". I am sorry but thats a fact cos only sexual harassers and rapists don't respect personal boundaries while having conversations with people.

If one does not have consent for a said act, then act IS considered "SEXUAL HARASSMENT"/"RAPE THREAT" or whatever happens in the act which violates the person's boundary. And obviously if you puruse further then it proceeds to "RAPE" and "SEXUAL ASSAULT" or in online reference "CRIMINAL HARASSMENT" and "CRIMINAL INTIMIDATION [ I will cover these definitions in detail in my next posts ].

So if you and I are having a conversation and I haven't invited any sexual favors from you, then its unsolicited sex advice aka sexual harassment aka rape threat. This is not some "dark humor" and its NOT OK to pull such stunts to test anyone's personal limits cos that constitutes as douchebaggery. Despite of whatever Bollywood movies teach you, real women dont appreciate douchebags in real life. Its a fact!

Salman Khan, whom you really admire is a known for leashing his anger out on women in his life and beating up his female co-stars, this is absolutely NOT COOL. He has all the stardom and money in the world to support his douchebaggery, you on the other hand unfortunately dont. So it would be wise for you to learn a few things about ettiquettes and manners in personal interaction.

Last but not the least, consent is sexy! Try it sometimes, people will actually end up admiring and respecting you.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get in line, I just called you out....

[This post is specifically dedicated to fans of Ali Gul Pir]

I honestly don't mind people disagreeing with me, you have your opinion, I have mine. If my opinion bothers you a lot just cos I am a woman then thats your issue not mine.

If my writing just hit your nerve and you saw it as "Femi-Nazi" thing, then most probably it was put forward to make you uncomfortable and hold your conscious responsible and maybe make you question your attitude.

My writing is usually targeted at opening doors to dialogue and have people converse on ideas which are not usually discussed openly, it might not be "adequate" for your social scene but themes are usually universal.

You might not agree with it and thats fine but under no circumstances, it means that I am inviting all the privileged male class to threat me with "raping" my body or living their rape fantasies. If giving out "rape threats" is the only way you can converse with a woman and prove your manhood and your argument, then boy, you need to grow cos your tiny wiener doesnt scares me. I am a grown woman not a 12yr old. And if defending myself makes you feel inferior and scared then you better be cos I dont give up. If all of this makes me a "sadist" and "sexist", then you havent met the bigger sadist than yours truly.

So what happened today, well as usual Pakistani mard hazrat [male population] have been quiet pissed off cos obviously their idiol [ Ali Gul Pir ] was asked for accountability. You need to understand no one disturbs the status quo of that society, whatever is set down, its written in stone, there is no critical dialogue or a democratic process around it.

If being a "woman", they find your voice to be a "bit too high" than what they are used to, then you are doomed to be ridiculed and made inferior with "suggestive rape scenes". This is pretty much what happened, I recieved a bunch of rape threats along with rape apologists condoning it behind "feminism" [I aint sure under which wave of feminism, did rape culture become OK]

I honestly dont know how they call themselves "Muslims", is that what Muslim males do, give out rape threats cos it seemed to be the most easier thing to do to make a woman shut up??? Or gather a bunch of other friends to talk on similar themes or support each other by giving "Atta Boy" on each other shoulder?? Is that all you stand for??

And when you call them out on having the behavior of "closeted rapist" or " rape apologist", then you are a "delusional feminist" or "Femi-Nazi" who hates men. Really??? Is that how things work in your world?

Is not standing against one of the most violent crimes that scars a person for the rest of eternity our ethical, social and moral duty?? Isnt it something that we are suppose to be standing together and fight something which is so pervasive in our society?? Shouldnt we be condemning it and being proactive about it rather than being reactive and go to the next protest??

Does it matters if its just some moron who thought he could jerk himself off by just stating just threats on the internet, should we not be challenging the thought process of what brought that person to such conclusion and think about what made him do that??

Or am I asking too much from a group of individuals who dont think anymore about anything??

I mean, I always see "desi" men telling their femme friends how they should be safe, how they should dress, how they should behave to "avoid" the "radar" of the "rapist", why the hell they never stand up and call some douchebag out on his fuckery? Why the hell do they prefer to be mere by standers and say "not my problem" but they are totally there to defend a bro who most probably have been "borderline problematic"??? Like Why??

Then they call themselves "Muslims", if these are the qualification of being a Muslim male of Islamic Republic of Pakistan then I am so glad that I a woman, a baydeen [Godless] woman, who can see things and who doesnt hides and who doesnt rationalises this whole cray.

I was mocked that "oh please go do write another blog", well you got your wish, I am writing another blog and hoping that you see reason and you gain conscious.

I am deeply disappointed in Tayyab Tanvir of Mango People Comics, who through the whole crazy scene proved to be one of the most "language privileged" rape apologist, I might have ever had the fortune of meeting. Well dude, you lost a loyal fan of yours cos as I mentioned earlier I work on principles. Rape apologists and I dont gel well...

I know I should had been like that its Pakistan that one should be expecting a "huge backlash" from the fans of Ali Gul Pir and trust me I was but what I wasnt expecting was getting multiple rape threats and then famous people like Mango People Comics' Tayaab Tanvir coming out and endorsing their rape apologia.

Then people ask why the hell Pakistan has such a "bad image" worldwide, well where humans dont behave like human beings, you cant really promote a soft image of such State.

Behold people, in a land where churches are burnt down and people get forcibly converted in the name of different religion, people have stooped as low to pass on rape threats to individuals who are front line workers and advocates of sexual violence and child sexual abuse.

Hail humanity!!

[If anyone wants to read more on the actual scene, they can click here for rape apologism debate and here for the rape threats by dear fans of Ali Gul Pir]

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Poem: Pieces of my soul

If I could answer
break it,
solve it,
fix it,
mold it,

Only then,
I could,
wipe pain with my lips
heal it with my palms
Give a pinch of my soul
and maybe,
make it a bit better

Ah, that soul
What would your life be
if it didnt exist when,
you didnt knew it
you didnt want it
those pieces of your soul

Your hopes,
Your fights,
Your rights,
much more
with pieces of your soul

maybe if I wrote with my blood
and tell you that I am here
then I could give you
All that
if nothing more
with pieces of my soul

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Poem: Let me be

I want to be
that person
who is
who is ill,
to the extent
who doesnt feel
who is nothing,
a whole
if not more
but nothing
be content
be fine
with world
with God
with existence.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Video Review: Was it necessary??

What is happening today, well I am deeply disturbed by a "portion" of a video here, so I am going to rant about it. For non-Urdu speakers, though this is a music video in Urdu, I am sure all of you will be able to grasp the message that I am trying to portray here.

The video is question is made by Ali Gul Pir of Waderay Ka Beta [Feudal' Son], who rose to fame due to criticism he poked at the feudal system of Pakistan in a very cheeky way.

People loved it, I didnt mind it, it was cool, something for Pakistan in which other than a guy singing about his failed orgasms. I am sure you got my point.

So this video is about how street harassment is so common in Pakistan in terms of the way Pakistani men "stare", here is the video so you know what I mean;

If you are in Pakistan and you can't open Youtube due to ban, here is the alternate link

I won't lie I got extremely creeped out when I saw the "little girl" being "starred upon" to portray borderline harassment. There is just one think which irked me about this video, was the use of little girl in the video to portray "tarna" or starring / pervasive awkardness perpetuated, necessary???

It sounded like borderline pedophilia to me...

though being objective I decided that I am going to open the discussion and receive feedback from other folks' too, and here is some of the [read: privileged Pakistani nonsense] I recieved, I am just posting one response cos there were way too many "ill-concieved crappy responses"

My, my, my.. how profound these "educated males". Anyways so this my collective response to all the morons along with the director of the video, who obviously didn't see it as promotion of borderline pedophilia.

I dont think you understand the dynamics of children and their portrayal in media. Children are one of the most vulnerable part of society. Children in Pakistan are sexualised, traded, sexually exploited and prostituted in every corner but I wouldnt expect your privileged brain to understand that. There are no laws in Pakistan which protect children at any platform.

Pedophilia is one of the most horrendous crimes where the psychological aspect of a child is completely destroyed. The way child was shown in the video, its a very unfortunate common occurrence in Pakistan. It can be triggering for people who are survivors of child sexual abuse.
This can also give rise to normalisation of sexualisation of children in mainstream Pakistani media. This also legitimizes the behaviour of "Pakistan males" who are often high on pop culture and follow things without any critical meaning. I think this was posted as a satire but there is a huge danger that our privleged male class like the ones I posted about will associate "COOL FACTOR" to it.

I didnt mind the whole video but the video would have made the impact without portrayal of a young girl, cos if such portrayal of "sexualisation" is OK for Pakistani men then please by all mean do make a child porn and make it mainstream in the name of art and awareness.

I am actually deeply disappointed in the director & singer Ali Gul Pir, the guy who seemed to have few grey cells obviously didn't see such a huge blunder happening and thought that it was actually really cool to be callous.

Nope people there is NO "CONTEXT" to pedophilia and normalising such behavior through pop culture / music videos is NOT OK!! Pakistan is already messed up in terms of "who cares attitude" and "not in my backyard" mindset. Our people are numb beyond the point that they are absolutely de-sensitized, condoning that mindset is NOT OK.. PERIOD!!!

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