Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lack of reporting on Balochistan issues

It seems all the reporters in our country who feel free to report are people like Maya Khan.. who are more comfortable in harassing ppl, talking about things taken from privleged socio-economic classist mentality, oppressing women and turning them into mere objects like "Beti ka Achar", re-victimising 15yr olds sexually abused survivors and justifying the norm of victim-bashing and shaming *rolls eyes*

[if u have no clue what I am talking about, check out all the shows that Maya Khan did prior to the episode on the park]... and no its not about "placing things in perspective."

Its also about where the priorities of the reporters/ anchors/ presenters in our countries lie, if they were all really about fighting to uncover truth, we would not be having this whole debate about media ratings and viewership.

There are international human rights groups and news media who have constantly reported on the ongoing onslaught of human rights in Baluchistan. This is not 1971 where our only source of news is a state owned television. We live in the world of remarkable news feed and technology. There are ways to look for things only if we are interested and if all that we are interested in is to sit back and chill then lets not shift the blame to all the other things out there.

And yes they are fighting, their youth is fighting because when ppl are not heard, their only solution is to fight back the system. No one goes out and carries guns, starts to bomb places just because they were feeling like it on a Sunday morning. A person has to go through a lot of turmoil to come to such decisions and I am sure they were never invited to be a part of the dialogue process anyway, then why the hell ppl should care at this point esp when Pakistan has a history of imposing racist and discriminatory policies and expecting ppl to be just OK with it.

To Mr. Rahman (homophobic duchebag) who said something along the lines that he doesnt know whats going on in Balouchistan and all and its very hard for him to make a decision, its not the responsibility of the people who have been brutalised with unfair economic policies to beg others to hear them out. As a responsible, privleged person, its our responsibility to go out and look out for information, it is our responsibility to speak for the ppl who have been silenced with murder, kidnapping, genocide, unfair educational, economic and health policies so on and so forth.
As far as resolving the things in mainstream media is concerned, we all know that media writes whatever their corporate heads are cool with, cos they would not want to displease the ppl who are loosening their pockets and bringing in the big bucks. After all everything is capitalistic in nature!!

Unless we start convincing them, it is something needed for the development of healthy community which can thrive and survive on its own, fair and honest reporting will not happen.

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