Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear God.....

Grant me patience, when someone goes on a homophobic rant, let me control my temper before I go and snap their heads off!!!

or you can also keep me away from all the duchebags out there, before I do serious damage to them...

or for the sake of my sanity, just keep me from running into them, my sister already thinks I am an asshole magnet for some reason.



Thursday, April 19, 2012

How do “Stand Your Ground” laws apply to victims of domestic violence?

By zerlina

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Over on her new website, CNN HLN anchor Richelle Carey asks a very interesting question: Does ‘Stand Your Ground’ apply to domestic abuse?
The ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws that have become well-known in the wake of the killing of Trayvon Martin.  The laws are supposed to allow an individual to use lethal force if they reasonably believe they are in imminent harm. So what about victims of domestic abuse?  On August 1, 2010, Marissa Alexander, a 31 year old Florida mother of 3 is about to be sentenced for aggravated assault after firing a warning shot at her husband.  The shot she fired missed him, but the charges stuck.
Alexander’s friends and family claim that if the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law applies in other cases, it should certainly apply in this case where she was attempting to prevent abuse from her husband after 4 years of violence. (Alexander previously filed a protective order against him after he was arrested for abusing her.)
Her sister says, “She did what she had to do to live.  I believe if she didn’t do that then I wouldn’t, my sister would be sitting in jail today — she’d be sitting in a coffin.”  During a fight where her husband threatened her, Alexander fired a “warning shot into the ceiling.”  Under ‘Stand Your Ground’, there is no duty to retreat if you fear for your life.
The judge in the case dismissed the ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense at the pre-trial hearing, which decides whether or not the law applies to the case before the court. Her defense attorney chose not to use the “Battered Spouse” defense, which requires an expert to validate her status as a victim of violence through measuring what psychological factors would lead her to defend herself with violence. Experts actually say that there are elements of both “Stand Your Ground” and “Battered Spouse” in this case, but that the facts given are difficult to prove either. And Alexander rejected a plea deal because she felt confident that the jury would find that she acted in self defense.
Apparently not. With Florida’s mandatory minimums and the fact the judge has no discretion to lessen the sentence given the fact that Alexander is a victim of domestic abuse, she awaits sentencing, which is expected to be 20 years.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Not your erotic.. Not your exotic..

Dont wanna be ur exotic
like some dark,
fragile colourful bird,
in the land foreign to the stretch of her wings

Dont wanna be your exotic,
some taller,
nicer than me,
but like me,
just the,
same women,
carrying my nose,
on their faces,
my name,
on their spirits

Dont seduce urself,
with my other-ness,
my hair wasnt put on top of my head to entice you with some mysterious black voodoo
the beat of my lash against each other,
aint some dark desert beat,
its just a blink,

Dont build around me your fetish fantasy,
your lustful profanity to cage me in,
clip my wings,

Dont wanna be ur exotic,
ur lovin of my beauty
aint more than funky fornication,
playing pink perversion,
in fact,
b/c my beauty is dead to you,
I am dead to you,

Not your harem girl,
geisha doll,
banana picking,
pom pom girl pum pum sure coffee maker,
town whore,
belly dancer,
private dancer,
la malinche,
hot and taut laundry girl,
ur immaculate vessel
emasculating princess,
Dont wanna be
not ur erotic
not ur exotic

~ Suheir Hammad

Rise of Barrick Gold In Pakistan

Reko Diq is a small town in Chagai District, Balochistan, Pakistan, in a desert area 70 kilometres north west of Naukundi, near to the Iran-Afghan border. Reko Diq, also the name of an ancient volcano, literally means sandy peak. It could be called Tangav Diq, or gold peak.
According to, Reko Diq is one of the largest reserves of copper and gold discovered so far. The largest copper-gold porphyry resource on the Tethyan belt, located in the dry desert conditions of southwest Pakistan within the remote and sparsely populated province of Balochistan . The Tethyan belt is a prospective region for large gold-copper porphyries. Reko Diq is a giant copper and gold project in Chaghi. The main license (EL5) of exploration is held jointly by the Government of Balochistan, Antofagasta Minerals and Barrick Gold.

Pre-feasibility study was finalized in the third quarter of 2009. Work on the feasibility study has commenced and it was completed in early 2010. Barrick bought a stake in the Reko Dig copper-gold project in Pakistan for $100 million in February from Antofagasta PLC, a Chilean mining group in the same time. In 2007, When CEO Greg Wilkins went to Islamabad in connection with that project, Munk said, he was received by both Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and President Pervez Musharraf.

Although the company’s assessment of opportunities in that country is still in the early days, Wilkins said Barrick would be “very interested” in more projects there, despite challenges posed by the presence of al-Qaida in some of its regions. ‘Below the sands lie some 12.3 million tons of copper and 20.9 million ounces of gold. The copper-gold deposits at Reko Diq are believed to be even bigger than those of Sarcheshmeh in Iran and Escondida in Chile’, says Syed Fazl-e-Haider, a development expert on mining projects in Pakistan.

Barrick has a 50% interest in Tethyan Copper Company (the other 50% is owned by Antofagasta plc), which has a 75% interest in the Reko Diq project and associated mineral interests (for a resulting 37.5% interest in Reko Diq). As of December 31, 2008, Barrick’s share of measured and indicated and inferred gold resources is 8.5 and 8.4 million ounces respectively. Barrick’s share of measured and indicated and inferred copper resources is 11.5 and 8.5 billion pounds respectively. A further 14 mineralized porphyry bodies are known to exist, with the potential to place the Reko Diq Project among the largest undeveloped copper resources on the globe. The TCC has estimated annual production 200 to 500 million copper tones from the project. The Company started the Reko-Diq copper project in 2003 with an investment of US $130 million. The project is faced with acute shortage of water for having no surface flow. The expected mining operations in Reko Diq will depend on sub-surface water with the exploration of underground water potential in the region being a pre-requisite for any mining project.

Balochistan itself is one of the minerally rich provinces of the country which have provided energy resources in the form of coal, natural gas etc. Although it has mega potential it stays one of the impoverished provinces in the country where people have not been able to benefit from so-called incentives that similar deals have offered in the past. There are many advocates of such mega projects who claim that the Baloch have benefited from their trickle-down effect. However, mining uses sodium cyanide, arsenic and other chemicals which produce toxic by-products. Gold mining itself dumps 79 tonnes of waste for every 28 grams of gold and produces 96 per cent of the world’s arsenic emissions. Considering a country where labour rights are not that strong and corporations have survived on the needs of poor communities, is it going to be another human rights violation disaster similar to Papua New Guinea, Chile and Australia, is yet to be seen.
Even though Tethyan Copper Corporation says that they are responsible for the whole project and they will be employing locals who are experienced at the job to give back to the community . They have outsourced services to contractors such as Rockmore PVT LIMITED, Security 2000, Zia ul Haq & Company, Capital Drilling & Zain Drilling Company. In April 2008, Zain Drilling Company terminated the services of forty drilling assistants and recruited novices and non-locals. The AZAT Foundation has tried to protect their rights, and on June 14, 2008 a well-attended demonstration was held outside the Quetta Press Club.

At present, the Government of Baluchistan has refused the license of mining to Tethyan Corporation (subsidiary of Barick Gold in Pakistan) for the project. In their defence, the corporation hasn't provided all the details in their exploration report and they haven't specified all the logistics. The case is currently in the appeal process at International Arbitration Committee after Supreme Court of Pakistan gave the decision in favour of Government of Baluchistan.

But there is no subsequent new in mainstream media on any development on this mining project.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who is Shaima Al-Awadi

Then there is that whole, "Go back to your country" thing. How quickly we have forgotten that we went to war in Iraq to LIBERATE the people. We went into their country and created battle zones because Saddam Hussein was an evil man who kept the country oppressed. We called ourselves the good guys and said the Iraqi people needed protection. We went into their country, not speaking their language, with our culture and customs, not ever pretending that we would assimilate into their culture (again, in THEIR country) in order to establish our democracy. Shaima Alawadi was here because of that war. She was here because of what we did and what we said. Others are here because of what we said and did. We must have forgotten that we named the war, "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

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Response to Javaid Chaudhry on Fakhra Younus and Acid Burn Victims

Tau ager kisi mard ko sirf iss buniaayd pe hamdardi ka haq haasil hai kio k uss ne ik jaahilana iqdam ik jaahilana muasherey mein uthaya hai tau phir yehi mardana bartari k alambardaar ye bataein k ager koi aurat yahi herkat karay kia wo theek hug a? Ager koi aurat ko doosri biwi ya ksii randi k liye talaak de de bacho ko rotey bilaktey huye sarak pe chor de aur wo aurat uss merd k munh pe tezaab phenk de or ye kahey k mein is ski tamam zindagi nakaara bnana chhati thi tau kia hum ye kahain ge k haan aurat ka kasoor hai magar mardon ko b khiyal rakhna chhaiye. Ager yahi ghinaaona fail koi inn ki maan behen ya beti k saath karay tu bandooqein nikal ati hain jailein bhar jati hain per ager biwi ya mashooqa k saath hu jaye tau haan ji ussi ka kasoor huga
Ksii k naam jab aap apni jaaedad lagatey hain tau qanoon ki ru se aap uss shaks ko uss jaaedad ka maalik bna re hutey hain ye aap ka kasoor hai k aap ne uss k naam jaedad ki uss bandey ka nahi apney iqdaam ki khud zimedaari lena seekhein , iss buniyaad pe kisi ko katal ker dena ya uss ka chehra bigaar dena mashAllah bohat zabardast mantaq hai. Iss logic se tu Afghanistan mein 16 aurton or bacho or aurton ko katal kerne wala Robert bales and Raymond davis b hamari humdardi k mustahiq hain aakhir ko maqtool ka b kassoor hu ga.
Janabe muhtaram wo aurat hai jisey dunia k ziada tar mumaalik mein(bashmool Pakistan) kam az kam qanooni taur pe ‘person’ ya insaan mana jata hai. Aurat koi ‘toffee’ nahi hai k ussey khaney k baad uss ka wrapper aap dustbin mein phaink dein. Apni mardana bartari pe mabni mantaq or her ik waakiya ko tamam mard zaat k khilaaf huney wali saazish samjna chor dein. Jin mulkon ki tarraqi or asool pasandi ki misaalein dete aap ki zubaan nahi thakti wahan pe aesey khiyalat ka izhaar aap ko seedha jail mein bhijwa sakta hai. Media ik hathiyaar hai uss ka naajaiz istemaal kerna chor de or apni zaati or fersooda rawaayaat ka perchaar b muashirey mein kerna chor dein. Jin aurton k munh tezaab se kharab hu jaatey hain unn mein se ‘aksar’ ziada tar ‘aksar’ ki ghalti sirf ye huti hai k wo iss mardon k muaashirey mein aurat huney ki sangeen jurm ka irtikaab ker bethi huti hain. Haan ji yehi hai unn ka asal kasoor, taizaab se jalaaye unn ko tokon se kaatein ya turkey turkey ker dein ya randi bna k baazaaron mein bechein kasoor sirf aurat ka hai mard masoom hai shareef hai azli dhoodh ka dhula hua hai
Iss dunia mein darindgi baheemiat or barbariat iss liye nahi phelti kion k zaalim bohat takatwar huta hai ye sub cheezain sirf iss liye phailti hain kion k mazloom ki kahani sunaney waley zalim k saath shammil hutey hain. Ye sub mil k tamasha dekhte hain or zalim k haath mazboot kerte hain.
Iss dunia k tamam jisam faroshi k bazaar sirf mard ki apney aala tanasul ko khush rakhney k liye bnaye gaye hain. Muaashiyaat k ibtidai asool demand and supply ki roo se koi cheez ussi wakt supply hu g jab tak uss ki maang nahi hu g. Just like a doctor and lawyers professions are practicing medicine and law and the patient or client go to both for the recruitment of their services similarly a sluts job is to sell her body. She doesn’t GO to men for selling her body, people COME to her to buy it from her . Women strip for only three reasons
1)cuz they are in love
2)cuz they have to.
3)cuz they want to or are made to since there is a MARKET out there.
Close the market today and it will end women are not doing goodwill ambassadorship to the world by being highly or lowly paid sluts they do it only their profession is needed because there is huge DEMAND for it. Blaming the most marginalized community of womanhood just to propagate the views of a misogynistic and prudential mind is nothing but a cheap veneer to conceal the absence of basic self control in men and a preposterous ability to look love in the wrong place . Jism faroshi k adey sirf iss liye hain kio k ye ik market hai and iss k rules b baaki marketon se chandaan mukhtalif nahi aap wahan ik service lene jaatein hain and or wo le k wapis aa jatein hein. In any case its u who is going there and u shud take the blame for it. The prostitute sitting there providing u with a service is not responsible for your choice and decision. Its ur choice and u shud stand by it. Hamarey mardo ko masoom kaakey banney ka bohat shok hai or marginalize kerne k liye b muashirey k uss tabqey ko utha k laatey hain jo apne diffaa mein kabhi b kuj nahi bol sakti .
Ye munafiqat, doghlapan or jhoot ko srf 2 paisey kamaney k liye band ker dein. Aap ki b betiyaan hain kahin aesa nah u kal wo b aap ko jaley hue munh k saath khudkushi kerti ya kisi tawaaif k khotey mein kisi ameer shaks se paisey batorti miley .
Kuj muaamilaat ki nizakat ko samajna behad zaroori huta hai. Fakhra yunus k maut k foran baad jis tarah logon ne typical andaaz mein uss ki maut ko cash kerwaya hai wo qaabil e muzammat hai abhi tau uss ki qabar ki matti b khusk nahi hui or ye tajzia nigaar ajeeb o ghareeb kahanian fazool kisam ki unauthentic and uncredible examples se pur ker k sirf 2 paisey kamaney k liye le aye hain. Tuff hu iss media pe and tuff hu aesey journalists pe jo khuley aam zulam ko promote kerte hain
Aese waakaye pet u Pakistan k her mard AUR aurat ko seekh paa hu jana chahiye or koshish kerni chahiye k aaenda aesa nah u naa k jhooti kahanio k zariye alternative perspective dene ki aar mein naujawaan nasal ka dimagh kharab kia jaaye. Her kahani bechne laaik nhi huti her kahaani ko mat bechein or khudara jis maamley ki nizaakat ko aap nahi samajtey uss k baarey mein raaey dene se ijtinaab kerain shukriya.

---- Sumbal Gilani

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