Monday, May 28, 2012

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf [PTI] .... Molestation Scandal

Twitter was all buzz today, frankly speaking we were hearing about Quebec protests getting stronger and police brutality getting harsher, all that crazy news took me back to news from Pakistan.

To those of you who don't know PTI is a huge rage these days in the political active circles of Pakistan, if I support it or not is totally a different issue. The thing which made the news was that one of their female political worker, Iman Hazir Mazari, tweeted about being injured and molested on stage by men. According to her Twitter biography, this is the description of her responsibilities:
"PTI Youth wing, District Coordinator PTI Youth Rajanpur, PTI Membership Coordinator Edinburgh". Here are few snap shots in her own words as to actually what happened;

After reading all the tweets by her and getting very angry and disheartened, I got the opportunity to read the responses by so and so of the political sphere, which actually pushed me off the edge.

The most unfortunate part of these continuous episodes of tweets were that, it wasnt an end to the story. They country, which calls itself an Islamic State, and where women are supposedly "sacred" and "honourable" and all the unicorn stuff that our self-delusional Pakistani men like to come up with, told this woman to shut up.

Apparently it was not OK to wash her "dirty linen" in public... so are you saying that after being sexually harassed, any person who has gone through such trauma, should just blame themselves OR better they should suffer in silence. because IT IS WHAT IT IS.

A patriarchal, male-dominated society where will you talk about having "PROGRESSIVE" values and you will LET a WOMAN enter the ranks amongst you but at the end of day, she is just A WOMAN, who can be OBJECTIFIED, who can be  RIDICULED,  who can be HARASSED, and she is suppose to be GOODY TWO SHOES, who is suppose to TOUGH IT UP like a man, take it as a part of her job and be SILENCED about it.... All because its OK! Its OK to trespass anyone's personal boundaries by Pakistani men. Its OK to touch anyone without their CONSENT and EXPECT them to be OK because, at the end of the day "SHE" [woman] WANTED IT, SHE ENJOYED IT & SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT.

Heavens Forbid! If anyone can come to these men and call them out on their hypocritical BS, they will get their inflated egoes out of their arse and will object to the person's rationality.

So going back to PTI, being a political organizer myself, I ASK Imran Khan why did not HIS organizers have a system in place to protect their political workers especially women ?

It is any political organisers' nightmare when things don't go according to plan but I guess IMRAN KHAN doesn't believes in open acknowledgement of this incident.

Why are they all talking about the great turnout and success that PTI had in Rawalpindi gathering ?

Are they looking to shove this UNDER THE RUG, because such are MINOR INCIDENTS, and they are SO NORMALIZED in PAKISTAN, that it doesn't even matter!?!?!

And if IMRAN KHAN is indeed trying to be examplary "LEADER", where is AN OPEN CONDEMNATION of sexual harassment, or it doesn't matter cos he has "HOOLIGANS" & disrespectful men for supporters, and it is GOOD ENOUGH for HIM ?!?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What the... Hair!?!

So today when I logged into my facebook after ages [dont judge me, twitter has been keeping me busy], I saw this;

Creep #1: You should get your hair longer!

Creep #2 : u looked nice in LONGHAIR, why did u cut to pixie short

This was posted on my cover photo where I posted a picture of very old photographs of  my sisters and I. I know that most people ignore it and its not a huge deal for them, but it is a big deal for me, as it speaks in loud volumes, the way Pakistani men / society objectify and dictate the body and image of women in a very under-toned settled way.

This speaks to everyday sexism which is so relevant and so prevalent, that it has become a natural part of Pakistani society and it has indeed become invisible.

So why am I ranting here.... I am the eldest of 5 sisters, though I rebelled against my parents in every possible way, so that I could establish an example for my sisters that this is not the only way of life. That they can challenge status quo. The status quo which says that " a good Paki-Canadian girl looks like blah blah blah blah blah".. NO, a Paki-Canadian girl is whoever she choose to be, whoever she wants to be, she is independent, she is smart, she is amazing and she kicks religious patriarchal arse.

NO ONE, I mean no one has the right to deny her skills, capabilities and qualifications because she looks a certain way [punk/goth/metal head]. NO one can dismiss her opinion, SEXUALIZE, disrespect her boundaries AND body, ONLY cos she wasn't born with a PENIS.

Whats more saddening how traditional Pakistani mothers are just keen on giving their daughters zero SELF RESPECT, SELF ESTEEM, & SHAME. Everytime, I try to have a conversation with my mother, it usually blows up in my face. This particular conversation reminds me of the SYSTEMIC SEXISM that breeds in our society through women.

MOM: jab 5 murabi ek baat per mutafiq hoon, to woh baat maan leni chahiye
[If 5 people, agree on something its usually right and it should be accepted]

Me: Ma, if 5 people are UTTER IDIOTS who dont have COMMON SENSE and they gather up and agree on something, it doesnt makes them right and it doesnt mean I NEED to accept anything propagated by their moronic self.

So going back to the creeps, this is what I have to say to you;

Does it LOOKS like I done to PLEASE MALE population
Does it looks like that I am a door mat that you usually come across, or
Does it looks like I change myself as per any man who walks into my life for a brief second


"DONT tell a woman wht to do with her BODY including hair, if I WANT I will SHAVE it off or dye it RAINBOW [though I have RED hair at the moment] , its MY CHOICE, BACK OFF!!"

And if you still DONT GET IT,  this is one song you should totally listen to;

Signing off with this message;

"I want to be remembered as the girl who tells you to SHUT THE FUCK UP."

- Amna Asghar Hussain
- Sidra Asghar Hussain
- Bushra Asghar Hussain
- Sadia Asghar Hussain

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not So Friendly Northern Neighbour

By bipolaroidco
When Vladimir V. Putin first came to power in Russia, Quebecers could not help but laugh. Poutine, as he is called in French, is also the name of a Québécois fast-food dish made of French fries, gravy and cheese. But these days the laughter is over, as Quebec gets a taste of Mr. Putin’s medicine.
For a change, Americans should take note of what is happening across the quiet northern border. Canada used to seem a progressive and just neighbor, but the picture today looks less rosy. One of its provinces has gone rogue, trampling basic democratic rights in an effort to end student protests against the Quebec provincial government’s plan to raise tuition fees by 75 percent.
On May 18, Quebec’s legislative assembly, under the authority of the provincial premier, Jean Charest, passed a draconian law in a move to break the 15-week-long student strike. Bill 78, adopted last week, is an attack on Quebecers’ freedom of speech, association and assembly. Mr. Charest has refused to use the traditional means of mediation in a representative democracy, leading to even more polarization. His administration, one of the most right-wing governments Quebec has had in 40 years, now wants to shut down opposition.
The bill threatens to impose steep fines of 25,000 to 125,000 Canadian dollars against student associations and unions — which derive their financing from tuition fees — in a direct move to break the movement. For example, student associations will be found guilty if they do not stop their members from protesting within university and college grounds.
During a street demonstration, the organization that plans the protest will be penalized if individual protesters stray from the police-approved route or exceed the time limit imposed by authorities. Student associations and unions are also liable for any damage caused by a third party during a demonstration.
These absurd regulations mean that student organizations and unions will be held responsible for behavior they cannot possibly control. They do not bear civil responsibility for their members as parents do for their children.
Freedom of speech is also under attack because of an ambiguous — and Orwellian — article in Bill 78 that says, “Anyone who helps or induces a person to commit an offense under this Act is guilty of the same offense.” Is a student leader, or an ordinary citizen, who sends a Twitter message about civil disobedience therefore guilty? Quebec’s education minister says it depends on the context. The legislation is purposefully vague and leaves the door open to arbitrary decisions.
Since the beginning of the student strike, leaders have told protesters to avoid violence. Protesters even condemned the small minority of troublemakers who had infiltrated the demonstrations. During the past four months of protests, there has never been the kind of rioting the city has seen when the local National Hockey League team, the Canadiens, wins or loses during the Stanley Cup playoffs. The biggest demonstration, which organizers estimate drew 250,000 people on May 22, was remarkably peaceful. Mr. Charest’s objective is not so much to restore security and order as to weaken student and union organizations. This law also creates a climate of fear and insecurity, as ordinary citizens can also face heavy fines.
Bill 78 has been fiercely denounced by three of four opposition parties in Quebec’s Legislature, the Quebec Bar Association, labor unions and Amnesty International. James L. Turk, the executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, called Bill 78 “a terrible act of mass repression” and “a weapon to suppress dissent.”
The law will remain in force only until July 1, 2013. The short duration says it all. It amounts to a temporary suspension of certain liberties and allows the government to avoid serious negotiations with student leaders. And it grants the authorities carte blanche for the abuse of power; just hours after it passed, police officers in Montreal began to increase the use of force against protesters.
Some critics have tried to portray the strike as a minority group’s wanting a free lunch. This is offensive to most Quebec students. Not only are they already in debt, despite paying low tuition fees, but 63 percent of them work in order to pay their university fees. The province has a very high rate of youth employment: about 57 percent of Quebecers between the ages of 15 and 24 work, compared with about 49 percent between the ages of 16 and 24 in the United States.
Both Quebec and Canada as a whole are pro-market. They also share a sense of solidarity embodied by their public health care systems and strong unions. Such institutions are a way to maintain cohesion in a vast, sparsely populated land. Now those values are under threat.
Americans traveling to Quebec this summer should know they are entering a province that rides roughshod over its citizens’ fundamental freedoms.
New York (et les États-Unis) découvre ce qui se passe au Québec.  As written by two professors from l’Université de Montréal, but that’s about as positive and widespread as the coverage will get.  I still don’t think anyone will be impolite enough to mention figures that francophones as a whole have lower educational attainment than anglophones, even/especially in Quebec.  (There’s an article by the Globe and Mail on this subject, but I can’t link to it.)

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taboo Stories: Cycle of abuse continues..

aYesha: I have been depressed abt other thing recently though, a friend of mine had triplets :/

aYesha: and i just had the most weird vibe when I got tht information

Hanela: what vibe did you get?

aYesha: dark, very dark vibe, I literally felt nauseated

Hanela: it's like that with everyone

Hanela: i remember getting news about friends having kids and i would feel the same

aYesha: hmm if u say so

aYesha: well this friend had a very troubled marriage, she was married against her will

Hanela: ohh

aYesha: and then she went into a huge depression, she had to see shrink for her severe anxiety, her in-laws were crazy, they refused her to work and they wanted her to be a housewife and she always wanted to work and be her own person

Hanela: this is here?

aYesha: this is in Pakistan but she grew up in US

aYesha: and then she wasnt feeling anything for her husband so her husband started going out behind her back, with some 16 yr old girls saying that I just wanna keep a check on them that they are not getting into any trouble. This guy is a fuckin radiologist, a doctor, that is apparently prized so much in Pakistan, but I guess people dont see that have a "noble" profession doesnt gives you a fucking character.

Hanela: oh wow

aYesha: when she told me tht i was like u r still with him Urooj. I felt like vomiting. That this guy is a pedophile and now she has 4 kids with him.

Hanela: so thats why you had those vibes

aYesha: maybe

aYesha: I wasnt happy when she had her first baby too

Hanela: because the situation she's in

Hanela: no one would be happy

aYesha: and then she became all super religious tht God will take care and bs u know

Hanela: it's an unfortunate situation

aYesha: and then he didnt let her further her study

Hanela: theres no way she can get out of it?

aYesha: in her first pregnancy, she had a separation cos her inlaws kicked her out

Hanela: the marriage that is?

aYesha: and then they sent the police in pakistan saying tht she is getting an abortion

Hanela: wow

aYesha: and then after giving birth she became this numb woman where her universe surrounds the child

aYesha: u know typical signs of an emotionally abused woman

Hanela: yes

aYesha: and when i confronted her she stopped speaking with me and now she sent me this message saying tht pray for her triplets, how can i do tht

aYesha: i have been so depressed

Hanela: thats crazy, i dont even know what to say

aYesha: and everyone has been congratulating her and I m like numb

Hanela: since you know whats going on, i understand how you feel

aYesha: why do ppl this to themselves, if this guy is fucked as I think he is, he can be a harm to his own kids

Hanela: of course

aYesha: she never stood up for herself, how will she stand up for them

Hanela: is there no way her parents can help? her parents never did shit when she was sent back home

Hanela: do you think she has stokholm syndrome?

aYesha: if they fuckin cared they would had listened to her when she didnt wanna marry, why would ur own daughter through so much trauma with a person who has disrespected your child so much.

aYesha: Yes, I think she has severe stockholm syndrome

Hanela: wow

aYesha: she is not the person I knew

Hanela: terrible marriage and now 4 kids is not easy

aYesha: I told her to get out, I was like i will sponsor u, and u can come here

Hanela: some women think it's easier to stay than leave and suffer alone

aYesha: I tried to talk her out of the whole marriage thing but she didnt listen to me. I have been such a failure

Hanela: and I cant even stop thinking about all the possible things he can catch and bring back to her

aYesha: exactly esp now tht she is in KSA

Hanela: no you havent failed, failure is when you see this and offer no help

aYesha: but I always offer help Hana and it never goes beyond that

Hanela: some people dont want to be helped

aYesha: I guess no one wants to be helped

Hanela: it's terrible. Some people need help and when the opportunity arises, they reach out while others dont

aYesha: or no one needs a support system

Hanela: and theres nothing to do about it

aYesha: i couldnt do it for my mother, i have been unsuccessful with everyone I know

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Save yourself

Fucking typical religious Pakistani nut-bags, anytime you put out an opinion which aint a norm, you are tagged into having questionable MORAL, ETHICAL, CULTURAL and RELIGIOUS VALUES.

I am sure you have half-baked questionable ideology which you never bothered to rattle and question in the first place.

I AM SURE YOU NEVER DUSTED YOUR HOLY BOOK IN LIKE A 100 YRS but you have the fuckin nerve to ask about my religious affiliation.

How dare you ask about my family and cultural values... what the heck family or cultural values have to do anything with this ? or are we talking abt cultural values where its ok to throw acid at women because "they asked for it" or kill them in the name of "fake" honour cos they are nothing but a nothing but commodity... these are apparently Pakistani cultural values arent they....
yeah well guess what these are the great cultural and religious values of Pakistan, if you had the article before just reading the headline and jumping into the conversation, you would know that it wasnt like some child molestation or child brides, which doesnt shakes the conscious of Pakistan and its high and mighty moral police like you. SO my question is why is there a hypocrisy, is it here because this is something your forefathers did and thus no moral questions can be raised or are you a typical religious nutbag who thinks religion is a BUFFET and he can pick and choose things he likes or dislikes... 
And last not but least if you had read all our comments, we talked abt the state of consent and age in the whole conversation, and how it psychologically affects people, of which I am sure you have no idea as you might have never had an intelligent conversation... let's see when..... in like FOREVER.
So yeah next time you are hitting on a WOMAN with your NONSENSE and you CANT STAND her STRENGTH, I will advise you to save both of us some time and look for a DOORMAT who will take anything hurled at her.

Skateboarders of Peterborough

Dear Skateboarders down the street,

I have so much love and admire for all of you. The way you practice all your tricks with so much dedication and the way I always get mesmerized with your super talents that I wish I had but sweetheart its 2:30AM, would you please go home and sleep.

I like you all and you dont want me yelling at you.


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