Sunday, June 17, 2012

When prochoice is a crime...


First of all, anyone who doesnt have a "vagina" shouldnt even be talking about a woman's right to choose abortion in the first place. And yes, I dare choose the term "penis" and "vagina" as a part of my conversation. So before all religious maniacs jump on me like mad hound dogs, these are legitimate biological terms, not some insulting words.

And before people come up and talk about living and dead people, and how abortion is murder. Let me tell you what it is, its a fetus, its a bunch of cells which grows, its a human mind which associate a lot of things to it. Its not "living or have life" in the first place that it can be even remotely considered a murder. And if you think fetuses have "life" than lets ask them to go to work and be tax paying citizens, after all it has "life".

In all this whole debate, all the religious-high-&-mighty people, forget that they are ignoring the person who is living and breathing and exist in this world. They give preference to something which might or might not have some sort of existence in future. Does that makes any sense to you at all??

The governments and religions come up and talk about waging war and killing people for their personal interests on a daily basis, but we don't talk about that. We never remotely stand up and say anything but when it comes to abortion, its man's ego on the line. Its his love for this one tiny sperm that made it, which needs to be protected so that his manhood can be proven!

Second of all, if you really wanna talk about life, why not make male masturbation illegal. If we are indeed talking about protecting life, then lets look into the ingridients of life, which make this business happen- the sperm. I mean, that sperm is a 110% living thing, with a tail and ability to swim like a speedy magnet, just cos you dont see it doesnt mean it doesn't have a "life".... oh hold on a second, now its a different call, is it cos its about male body and not woman's body anymore, which needs to be regulated and monitored culturally, religiously and socially???

Are you all being hypocrites now??

When I don't go to a man and ask him if he should be masturbating in his bedroom or not, then why the heck all these people who think that they have some moral high ground on women, think that they can come up with this theology. 

You are that bunch of people who dont even feel comfortable around saying the word "vagina" [yes, here is the word again ] and yet you think that you can come down and legislate it, why? Is it because there is manhood stake on the line?

To be more rational and fair, access to have abortion are part of woman rights. Special Rappporteur to the United Nations, Anand Grover, released a statement in 2011 calling for the worldwide legalisation of abortion. He argued that the continued criminalisation of this medical practice has led to a systematic abuse of women's human rights – including the rights to life, health and equality.

I believe its a right that any woman should have, thats why its called pro-choice, that its a woman's choice to choose. In a country, like Pakistan where people dont have equal rights, lack of basic necessities, increase in sexual assaults, marital rape, forced marriages, access to poor healthcare, education, its a crime to bring unwanted children who cant be taken care properly and PLEASE keep the God argument to yourself. 

Yes, its a right that women should have! Esp in a country where there is not even proper access to contraceptive knowledge and safe sex products, where doctors and primary health care providers are even judgmental moral police, like most of you. 

In 2010, Dr. Sorush's team conducted a study to monitor MDG 5 themes in Pakistan. "Our research showed that even doctors frequently turn away women seeking abortions, because they see these procedures as sinful," Sorush says. "But it is not a question of morality. It is a question of health –and everyone has a right to health."

Pakistani Men shouldnt be propagating abortion only when they want to hide their sin or dont wanna get caught or when they are cowards to take responsible for their actions (premarital sex). It is not just a woman's responsibility to take care of her sexual health, but its her partner's as well. 

According to Guttmacher Institute, 890,000 women have unsafe abortions annually in Pakistan. Eight hundred of these women will die and a further 197,000 will be hospitalised due to complications."The problem is that there is no legal cover for these procedures," Fauzia Viqar, Head of Advocacy at the Shirkat Gah women's resource centre, condemns the current legal situation. "Women are told upfront: this is your risk, so if you don't make it, that's your problem." Women may take on this risk alone, but the physical price they pay has significant consequences for developing countries as a whole – where the majority of unsafe abortions are carried out. "If a woman is in poor health after having an unsafe abortion, she can no longer effectively contribute to a household, and her family has to bear that extra financial burden," Khan explains. "This lack of active participation is a barrier to achieving national development goals and creates an economic burden for the family and, ultimately, the state." There people suffer because we are too stuck up and bigoted in our ways to understand pre-marital sex is a reality and that no should be subjected to so-called societal shame.

If me being prochoice and defending someone's right to make decision for themselves, makes me fascist, then I am that fascist. I am that murderer!

Excrepts has been taken from "When choice kills" - 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Female Chauvnist Pig.... huh

Nasreen: I want to date a man who challenges me intellectualy, That's more interesting than sex. A man belonging to the 0,5% of total men population.

Me: does that 0.5% even exist, i thought they got extinct LOL

Nasreen: think so my dear. Today, all versions of men available are very basic. They can just understand reality in terms of boobs :)

Me: In that case, you and I up for a long term of our singledom LMAO

Nasreen: Well, until now I managed quite ok. I have something in my favour: I am Feminist with a Cup D LOL

Me: hahaha I am a proud member of itty bitty titty committee ;)

Nasreen: In a world subjected by Patriarchy, you can get more with Bitty Titty than me with a Master Degree. LOL

Me: True, you can but will it make you happy at the end of the day, thats the question... I want to believe that being social animal is more than answering the call of the wild

Nasreen: In spanish dictionary, Man is defined as racional human. Woman, as female animal. Language frame and explains society.

Me: Have you read , female chauvnist pig, its pretty good, it explore the same question, I guess even if there is a section of women who refuse mainstream, there will always be this group of woman who will subjugate themselves to please their masters and I guess this is where we lose our battle

Nasreen: Exactly.Worst enemy of women are women; we're educated 2 please our master, not to have sorority bt seek approval of oppressor

Me: Language is so interesting! In Urdu, word aurat (woman) is derived 4m arabic awrah having root ‘a-w-r means imperfection, blemish/weakness

Nasreen: Language, best player of domination, because it is an acquired skill that we usually don't question. Until now. Interesting

Me: I wasn't aware that the same subjugation of humiliation existed in other languages, in terms of description, thus my surprise.. Language is fucked up, nonetheless!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gang Rape By Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) workers

 "Raising awareness on gender violence is key to long-term prevention & stopping rape in conflict"

If there was anyone who was wondering what happened to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), and the sexual harassment incident that occurred few days ago, well here is the follow up, along with other news.

According to PTI workers on twitter, Imaan Hazir Mazari,"TOOK CARE" of the incident i.e men throwing rocks at her and trying to grind into her. 

So I guess it means, Imran Khan as the charming and dope campaigner that he is, for the people of Pakistan these days, shoved the whole incident under the rug. He didn't feel that as an upcoming member in the political arena of Pakistan, he should had showed some character and taken stance against sexual harassment which is a very INVISIBLE common occurrence in Pakistan. 

To add insult to injury, this is something that hit the headlines this morning; I saw this news 7 AM EST,

which means that it became an old news for Pakistan.

[If anyone is having issues on the validity of the story, this is the link to the Urdu paper,

So I assume this is the way leadership works, they just try to shove all their laundry under the rug and appear sparkly and shiny, when they are no different than the corrupt politicians who don't have ethical and principal values.

Pakistani people have become delusional when it comes to , lets be ALL mindful that when a person doesn't stands up for anything, he falls for everything. If Imran Khan and PTI can't EVEN CONDEMN sexual harassment and gang rape, then I am not sure how will they cant stand against bigger things like OVER-NIGHT REFORMS that they are promising to the people these days.

Sexual violence is an epidemic. If we saw as many headlines about ppl wud be terrified. Male violence is so easily ignored.

Patriarchy, power, cultural and social outcasting, ill-validation of views in society, there are so many reasons rape is used as weapon.

PTI followers are talking about "Proof of rape" and hearing out both parties... Are you HIGH?? 

For those of you who don't know, Pakistan doesn't have proper forensic services and they only consider Sharia Laws in the courts i.e. Islamic Laws. This means, in , if there is a rape survivor and if she goes through the legal system to demand justice. She needs to provide 4 male witnesses who have seen the act. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE, PAKISTAN'S justice system rapes a woman again in court and mutilates her self esteem and self worth by making ABSURD DEMANDS from rape survivors.So lets cut the crap on the whole court and investigative proceedings.

This is not just ABOUT GANG RAPE but it is also about PTI incompetency.

PTI k izat main kami nahi aye gi if they stand up and say we are against rape and investigation is going on, as a citizen and woman from Pakistan, this is absolutely not  To Ask from IMRAN KHAN!!

Its  for , if they act like they shld, it will be good for all & I will be one to stand down. IF THEY CAN TALK THE TALK, THAN THEY SHOULD WALK THE WALK.

FOR THOSE, who have been asking why am I raising hell, RAPE SURVIVORS IN PAKISTAN, rarely get justice. They are SILENCED, OSTRACIZED & MARGINALIZED. This survivor will become one of the many people, who face such violence every day and never speak up about it, because its the NORM.

I HAVE AND I'LL RAISE HELL,  is a country where all forms of "" are silenced by , Religion, Cultural, Social Values &  of the people in general. I  like that!! AND I'LL keep SCREAMING, IF THIS IS THE LAST THING I DO.

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