Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taboo Stories: Consent in sexual relations - Arrange Marriage

shit happens yo.. but u see with me... I cant do arrange marriage at all... i just cant wrap my head around the whole thing

I know what u mean. Suddenly ending up in a bedroom with a stranger who u have no chemistry with etc 

i mean my ex and I had a nasty breakup.. he didnt give me closure and his buddies hurled so much nonsense against me.. i just couldnt believ

he was the same guy.. who was so caring.. but I guess you know of people.. and if something gonna happen it will happen no matter wht

i just dont find the person interesting if they and I dont correspond on the same mental wavelength.. for me intellect is so important

its more of principles and ideological thing... wht if the person is a duchebag.. i cant imagine being under same roof with such person

True. It's more difficult for the woman. I have had arguments with family & friends that how can a person just meet her that night and then

yeah those arguments never go well

Expect to make love to her to consummate the wedding! I said I will take time to get to know her and then when she feels comfy we will do it

And everyone was like no that's impossible. Valima hona hota hai etc etc. I said then what u ask is raping her! Stirred up a storm.

Yeah you see.. but people dont it.. they just expect woman to be at man's sexual call whenever they feel like it so why put oneself through an arrange marraige

I have a friend who went through it.. she is pretty much of a zombie now.. i dont recognize the person she has been turned into and everyone

says that she is happy her husband has been typical shaki and abusive to her,, n the whole forced pregnancy went down with her..I just dont knw 

Damn. I can feel what she must have gone through.

Why don't the women in my family see it the way I see it :(

thats the same question.. I ask women in my family all the time

Imagine a stranger ripping your clothes off and shoving himself inside you! Gives me jitters!

It is RAPE!!

It is rape absolutely
since when do paki ppl teach about consent in realtionship.. its more abt duties of a sex slave i.e. wife 

Its a shame that we still live by barbaric traditions

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rape Apologists & Closeted Rapists - Saifullah Muhib Kakakhel

Rape apologists and closeted rapists are one of those breeds which are found in any and every society.. unfortunately our pakistani society has lots of them... I am assuming its the underlying misogyny which flows in the veins... where sexual violence is seen as a way of controlling people.

Such is the present case, we have... I promised my readers that I will write about all the rape threats and death threats that I have received from Pakistani men.. and this is one of the most memorable ones, where the person not only gave me death threats but he gave two of my very supportive friends rape threats as well... I am not sure if its Pakistan or its south asian men who think that they can walk over women making such gestures and get away with it... well it doesnt happens in my book of rules  and I am very unforgiving....

The snapshot above was the rape threat given to Maya, when she came out in support... I dont know how people see this... but unsolicitied sexual advice is a rape threat, maybe its not rape apologists and closeted rapists but it is for the sane community... A woman is not a commodity which can be used for anyone's sexual satisfaction and thus making disgusting suggestions are a violation of her-wellbeing and her sanctity... which is absolutely intolerable.

 i guess this is a very Pakistani male gesture, anytime a woman doesnt agrees with you, lets call her mentally unstable.. sick... whore... slut... zionist.... etc etc.. so maybe she can feel shameful and just suck upto the pseudo male pride.
 Oh yeah! I am sorry you never got laid but seriously being prochoice means a woman has a right to her body.. I dont care what people do in their personal time but I do care that they have reproductive rights which means if they choose to have abortion then they will have it.....and if they choose to bring someone into the world.. than they will do it..... no man has a right to dictate that choice.

 Seriously, now I just feel that the person is just sexually frustrated... you can got to any adult toy store.. lets not making sweeping statements here for no reason.... esp cos I am prochoice
Really so now I have to play a victim card, so that my voice can be made legitimate in the ho-ha hyper male society like Pakistan??

Oh my.. did I defame your organisation... I think you were more than handful in defaming your organisation yourself.. by proving what bigotted ass you are... and next time you try to harass me online or offline.. just beware what are you getting yourself into... and seriously... dont go running to your dad for help.

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