Monday, October 29, 2012

When political appearances matter more... mental health stigma

I get lots of responses from lots of people about how I try to be "politically correct" and how I have a label on my back to which I need to live up to, but that's simply not the case.

When we fight for "equity"; yes the word is equity not equality, because we need to be equitable towards others to make them equal in our society...because not everyone is privileged to be born with heteronormative status.

The conversation in question took place on international "Mental Health Day", talk about irony of the situation:





So NO, its NOT ok to use analogies to feel politically superior by rail-roading people suffering from mental health issues.

I would like to have a huge round of applause and thank our dearfor bashing the concept of "equity" yet still talking about being a great ally for LGBT, women & psychiatric survivors.

At this point, all I can say is "Hail Pakistani Men and their superiority complex"!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

You are so "illegal"

Got this awesome comment on the last article I posted;

"Can't believe it eh? illegal Immigrants coming to #Pakistan, stealing all jobs :)"


People are not "illegal", they are undocumented, they are human beings, you dont need some legality to exist.
The reason we dont us the term 'illegal' its because its often used pejoratively to describe 'undocumented workers' 

Karachi has issue of undocumented workers, everyone is aware of it. These are same migrants who are employed in ur homes & factories on cheap labor
b/c lets face it, everyone likes to "save" some extra $$$ and get away with labour & safety laws, so why not perpetuate it on someone who will hide your lies cos you have bigger reason to exploit them. these are the same people who are treated worst than animals.

And the jobs that they "steal" is usually labour job like domestic workers or factory workers on daily wages. And obviously they exist cos there is a need for labour and our people dont wanna do it.

These "illegal" are also employed in Pakistan's sex trade industry where there are trafficked and exploited further. Girls as young as 10 are trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh and sold for their virginity.

So please dont dehumanise people by calling them "illegals", dont be disrespectful towards them cos they dont have 2-pieces of ID.

#DropTheIWord #Pakistan

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My homophobic male - Part 2

On calling out someone's transphobia today, this is the most mind boggling reply I recieved from them;

"maybe I'm too proud of what I am, where I was born, where I was brought up, where i stand, what my family is, being a man, being tall, being everything I am and I will be.
I'm grateful to Allah for everything he has given me and made me proud off :)

I guess I'll forever stick to my roots, and

never change my opinion about somethings even if the world approves.

When get to know the meaning of the magical words "this is not my fucking problem!", you're welcome! Ungrateful people deserve disgrace!

Being male is always being superior. Period! You should rather suck on some cranberry juice in these days rather than being a transexual ;)"

No one's pride is suppose to be at the expense of other human beings, Period! And its not your effing "pride" when you make fun of trans-genders so that you can feel good about yourself, but its your effing duchebaggery. Your God didnt create you so that you could marginalize others with your brown Muslim male pseudo superiority.

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