Friday, April 26, 2013

Christie Blatchford says....

The game is inspired from the nonsense that Blatchford utters every now and then so that she can define herself as a "columnist", "thinker", "writer" and have so many titles that she is absolutely a disgrace to all of them.

So I am going to render my thoughts and I invite everyone to give their spin to opinion too

Christie Blatchford says, "There are two sides to the story"
I say, "No Blatchford, there is only one side to the story i.e. victim's side. Even if there were two side of the story, you and the prepetrators, you stood up for are assholes on both sides."


Christie Blatchford says, "She was flirtatious and egging on the BOYS" [aka asking for it] aka [boys will be boys]
I say, "Consent 101: just cos someone flirted with someone, it didnt mean they owe them any sexual favors.

Imagine the amount of flirting I do, if everyone was following the logic of Blatchford, I would be considered rape-able material >_>

Christie Blatchford says, "The evidence is all over the map”
I say, “Being forensic science graduate, I can give you a crash course in investigation 101, no investigation/ crime scene is clean, cut and organised from what you see in your CSI shows. All the evidence is all over the place. So shut the hell up on the subject matter that you dont have any knowledge of.”

Christie Blathcford says,
"The picture is not even recognizable”
I say, “Do you know what the hell is child pornography? Do you know the number of child porn which is circulated is hosted on the internet and which is non-recognizable.


Christie Blathcford says, "There will never be a case against alleged rapists of Rehtaeh ParsonsI say, “There is a case and there might have been a stronger case if our RCMP-Nova Scotia conducted the investigation immediately rather than 10months later. There would be a stronger case if all the perpetrators were interviewed separately rather than collectively [Police Investigation 101]. There would be a stronger case if there were not that many by standers aka the school, classmates, and people in the community in general."


There would be a stronger case if RCMP knew how to maintain law and order in the community. There would be a stronger case if no one felt "bad"
for the boys so that they wouldn't have balls to deny rape and pass it off as no big deal.

Only if you and your colleagues knew how to carry out investigative journalism and not hide all the statements and facts that you conveniently ignored. For example,

where was Blatchford and her team of rape apologists when counter protest of rapist support took place? where were they when the "alleged" rapist family was praising their "boys" on facebook of their actions? where was National Post when claims were made that child porn was oh-not-so big deal
and now they are talking about perspective and "facts"?!?

So here is all I have to say to you and your colleagues at National Post defending you
P.S. Yes we are all internet vigilantes, better than being print media rape apologists anyway!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hall of Shame: Rape Apologists of Rehtaeh

In Globe & Mail, an article was published few days ago by Denise Balkinsoon titled, "We can prevent another Rehtaeh Parson's case: Talk of rape culture will not help". That article literally made my blood boil especially the way it denied people's experience with deep rooted issues that how rape apologia is pervasive in society.

I am not sure if Balkinsoon lives in a perfect world where such things dont exist and everything is just but unfortunately rape culture exists for the rest of us.

Exhibit A:

We have a protestor here holding the sign , "She wasn't raped" at the counter protest demo in Halifax
[ The person who took this picture was harassed and was threatened with physical violence ]
for Rehtaeh Parsons. I dont know what it is for everyone else but this is a very huge symbol of "rape culture". This person died of merciless bullying and harassment and there are people who have the audacity to deligitimize her pain, suffering and reason for her death. The person holding the sign is a member of Cole Harbor community named Jared Taylor aka rape apologist.

Its really sad to see that young boys are filled with so much garbage and they follow "Bro Code" rather than their own conscience. 

Exhibit B: Meet the "adult" who doesnt understands the meaning of child pornography and basic consent
You can check out her facebook page here

If anyone wants to see the kind of garbage that Rehtaeh faced while she was alive, you can check it out here [a list of individuals seen slandering Rehtaeh online], not limited to Amber-Rose Matthews, Big-D Neish, Danny Basque, Kaleigh Ellis etc.

After people started raging against them on social media, we witnessed people took down their facebook accounts; or have a complete makeover of it so that no one could find them. There are some of them who have completely turned off all of their public updates after their screenshots went up in different media forum.

You know the most ironic part of the whole thing, these people literally have no shame. They really felt that they are untouchable and they could get away with anything without any kind of consequence. They are not scared or even shameful of their actions, they are scared of people calling them out on it.

I find it very amusing that this whole group of rape apologists is actually pretty trashy; the boys are all wannabe gangsta, tatted up, trying to be all ghetto when its just plain old pathetic that they dont have their own sense of identity, and girls are just suffering from some kind of Stockholm syndrome crossed with doormat complex.

If people are outraged and want to do something about it; call your community school; call principal and teachers of Cole Harbor, ask them about the kind of education they are providing which does not include protecting young girls in our community. Demand accountability for their silence and tell them that this is not what you stand for!

Other than that, no Balkinsoon, rape culture is alive and kicking and its laughing at everyone and we need to talk about it!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome to Tarpon Springs High: Rape Culture

This has been a very rough week with gathering information on Rehtaeh and "Support 4 Boys" who have been loitering everywhere and anywhere.

Well today, my screen was graced with information from Tarpon Springs High, Florida, where a person has been arrested for sexual battery of a 15yr old Jane Doe at a party where no parents were present at the house.

The incident occurred at a Tarpon Springs home on April 13 at 1 a.m. Alcohol was involved at the party and JD was drunk where she was taken by 3 boys so that she could "lay in a room". Police has arrested one of them [17yr old] in relation to the incident.

Well that was not enough that supporters of alleged rapists started a campaign online called "Free Jared" and in the area not limited to vandalizing public property.
If people start seeing Tarpon Springs High wearing elaborative T-Shirts as rape apologists; please dont be surprised about it
Note: #FreeJared campaign not to be confused with a campaign which has also been going around for Maine high school student who uttered racist and homophobic and subsequently been suspended for it. Kudos to the school cos their students are citing it as their "1st Amendment Right" *rolls eyes*
So going back to Tarpon Springs High; their is a morality birgade of teens who are writing all sorts of bullshit. Slut shaming of TS-JD [Tarpon Springs-Jane Doe] does not ends there.
That was classy, so classy!
It was not limited to mockery of the policing system which shows that this might get out of hand in the community
One of them wrote a threat and were advised to take it off by hacktivist group Anonymous after they started #OpStopShaming!
I guess whole holier-than-thou attitude in form of slut-shaming is kinda worst when it comes from women and girls
Again going back to the same thing that it does NOT matter what you think of a "woman's character" cos even SLUTS HAVE RIGHT TO CONSENT!
 I feel bad for her that she has friends like yourself who instead of providing support are being "judgemental" on her past personal choices. And I pity you! but life doesn't stops there cos its a "freedom of speech" to slut shame and harass a rape victim...
wow I had no clue such rights existed *sarcasm*
I honestly don't understand how people can ignore the fact that their words are not forgotten by the internet. They will be here for the rest of eternity and their bullying actions will haunt them. And to top it off, this is absolutely sick behaviour.

I dont know when we will be out of this "Bros before Hoes" behavior, I dont know when people will realize that taking advantage of someone's body is nothing but despicable. It only shows what a fucking low person you are. But it only confirms my fears that we are not doing enough to save our girls from such heinous crimes.

You know what the sad part is; that all of them are high school students and they had just so much bitterness and zero compassion for their peer who has been brutalized.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rehtaeh: More harassment, victim blaming and rape apologia

This morning I was all hunky dory and happy that I will be taking care of rest of the stuff and chill out in the sun but then I was sent this tweet;
and as an evidential poster this;
I am absolutely pissed off at the way these exucse for human beings have reacted, initially I thought that there is no need to highlight "their side of the story" because they are incriminating themselves in all sorts of ways. But they havent really stopped after the police officials told them to take down facebook page and now this is what they are doing on the streets and on other online forums.

This was taken from a website where it was published in the comment section [which has been removed as of now]
WOW.. just fucking WOW.. I am at loss of words here; [again for people who do not know, Lorin WB, is father of one of the alleged rapist, as he disclosed that in his public open facebook group "Speak The Truth"]

So I have decided to post all the conversation here as a narrative to "Other Side Story" which the half sister of alleged rapist was more than happy to share with all of us [ aka posted on this blog comments' section ]
Well as long as we have all the family affiliations cleared up; CM and Latisha are sisters of Kyle [one of the alleged rapists]

Anyways it didnt stop there; it went on a very elaborate expedition;
Yeah man, we are ALL biased; go and read your own statements and recognize what you are literally saying and try to make sense of it. Considering what your father wrote in another online forum [check top screenshot] I guess you all come with the same level of garbage. Yeah, insulting me going to make you oh-so-better.

And those who ranted about they are "minor" too, 15yr old go get charged for their crimes; thats the precise reason we have juvenile justice system

People who took offense to statements of CM, brother of one of the alleged rapists were replied in such manner;
Sure I assume "rape" is not a crime anymore especially when the whole family is behind supporting and a community of morons cheering them.

Other than that a month old stabbing case has been connected to the suicide of Rehtaeh as well where presumbaly same "boys" were involved in stabbing friends of Rehtaeh and yes local police authorities and RCMP did nothing about it. Here is the story at Huffington Post

Well cos all the things in the world were not enough, we had rape symathisers/ rape apologists as well *palms face*
So anyone who was wondering what was going on with comments and crazy explanations; this is what CM wrote to her like-minded sympathisers at the end:
By replying she presumably mean replying on the blog section which reached more than 80 comments of thread.

To the rape apologists who wrote; "I have been to a party like that.. but I never blamed the boys".. If this happened to you and you are rationalising it then you need therapy; seek help but DO NOT go VICTIM BLAMING!!

To the rape apologists who wrote; "I can understand why CM is defending her brother...." no dude, I dont understand; I would be ASHAMED if it was my brother; if he had told me he committed all those things!

To the rape apologists who wrote; "Would you be leaving your child and blood alone.... " I dont adopt principles for convenience, please and thank you! 

From where I come from, we have a saying, it goes; "beti sab ki sanjhi hoti hai" [rough translation: A daughter is a daughter for everyone]; so no I dont have any empathy for the BOYS because I can see the way she is still being harassed after her death. I can see the way the BOYS family is supportive of all their actions.

Oh, and those who are going about that "Rehtaeh was a slut".. well assholes, EVEN SLUTS HAVE RIGHT TO CONSENT AND NOT BE RAPED!!!

I dont know what RCMP and Justice Minister of Nova Scotia are waiting for, to make things move forward.

For all the rape apologists, I just fail to understand why the hell people have soft spot for predators.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rape culture: Halifax Demo, facebook group and more lunacy

Honestly, I thought Steubenville was fucked after I saw so many moron supporting "convicted" rapists and standing behind them but oh noes Nova Scotia has definetley won the race on that one. I had never seen parents and families standing behind such a heinous crime because "their kid is right and everyone else is lying and rape is oh-so-no big deal" >_>

Today was an interesting day; there was demo at RCMP station in Halifax to protest the death of Rehtaeh. 

There was a counter protest as well, not so far from the actual protest from where people took pictures. Apparently some of them were not really keen in having their pictures taken but here are some good shots anyway. Thanking @realfatapolio for posting them

I honestly don't see the purpose of hiding the face when you are protesting in public space and if you are that ashamed just do it properly.
Thanking Corey [@tbpHFX] for taking this picture!
And this is the overall supporters who showed up for "Support 4 Boys" *rolls eyes*

Now there is a facebook "support group 4 boys" called Speak The Truth and there has been a lot of lunacy going down there not limited to threats and accusations of sexual assaults from past. Funny thing they also outed the name of members of the group who allegedly raped Rehtaeh.

[P.S. For people who dont know there is no statutory limitation to filing charges against sexual assault in Canada.]
In above picture, we have Lorin B, father of one of the 4 boys, clearly threatening the girl Hillary Edwards.
Also who knew that they will be throwing accusation of who sexually assaulted who as well, but I guess everything flies, cos I am sure the community let it slide cos "it happens" and they are "one big happy family" [note my sarcasm]
 Yeah which clearly does NOT ends here and goes on
Let this be noted that "Kyle" alleged rapist has been outed by the member of his own group who are supporting him.

And obviously "Kyle is like his dad" so I am wondering whats his dad like?!? *thinking*

The other thing which is not super surprising that he is being supported by Lorin WB, father of one of the boys, who has been outed on the page by their own supporters here;
So holy shit, "rape" was ok [cos afterall anything which happens in the bedroom flies, consensual or NOT], taking pictures aka MAKING child porn was all GOOD and distributing them was OK [I mean, all is great in fun and games, right] but everything else is "propaganda"!!

Do these shitheads even hear themselves when they write buffoonery like that??

Latisha Morgan Brimicombe, sister of the one of the boys, is the person who has been spear heading the page and Lorin WB is the father who has been threatening everyone and anyone on his own support page, apart from other nonsense.
Yeah dude, holding and distributing child porn is a CRIME; and all of you should be charged. Unless you didnt know Canadian Criminal Code is explicity clear on it.

You know another thing which also does NOT flies, saying that you are ignorant of the law. That shit doesn't flies as well for which you can refer back to Canadian Criminal Code available here
Another supporter who has been dancing a lot on that facebook page is this person. Honestly I only thought that this might be remotely possible but the whole incident from Cole Harbor only shows how much embedded is the mindset of "BOYS WILL BE BOYS!!"

These pathetic people know what they did and yet they are supporting them cos "the boys come from good family".. my ass. Oh and they are also whining and moaning over "Anonymous" outing them, well assholes if you had read your own facebook page and its comments, you would had known that you are doing a pretty good job yourself.

You outed two people with family affiliations yourself, great job!

So my final question from RCMP-NS is: do you have freaking "enough" evidence after having confession from the people who were involved in sexual assault of a minor? or is even the confession not enough for you to act?

Last but not the least they were also quoting Gandhi -.- You wanna be an asshole thats fine, just don't drag Gandhi down the gutter with you, please!

Note to myself: I really need to start or think about taking up drinking....

Addendum: I am sure people have not been able to access the facebook support page for "boys", here is the reason why:

Supporters list of the facebook group is here

Police protect perpetrators who poisoned a young man after sexually assaulting him

Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-002-2013

3 January 2013
PAKISTAN: Police protect perpetrators who poisoned a young man after sexually assaulting him
ISSUES: Sexual abuse; abduction; impunity; denial of justice; no rule of law
Dear friends,

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a 19-year-old tea vender was sodomised and poisoned, and that he later died in hospital. The rapists threw him in the mud after sodomising him, intending that he should die on the roadside. Police have still not arrested any perpetrator; instead, they have provided a room inside the police lockup for them as guests of the police, because they are from the ruling party (PML-N) of the Punjab government. It is said that one of the perpetrators is a candidate for the provincial assembly in the coming elections. The father and the family members of the victim are receiving threatening calls from perpetrators and local police. Even after two months, police have failed to arrest the perpetrators.

In the evening of 1 November 2012, Mr. Aamir Baloch, a 19-year-old tea vender at Yaqoobabad, Boray Wala, Punjab province, was on his way home after work when, suddenly, three people appeared, beat him and took him to an unknown place. At 7.30 pm, a milk-seller took him home on his motor bike and told his parents that he was found in an unconscious condition in the mud of a kiln factory at a village, Chak number 435, which was one and a half kilometers far from his house. When his parents asked about his condition, he told him that he did not remember what happened and then fell down on the bed.

The next day, in the morning, Aamir remembered and weakly, quietly, narrated the story. He was abducted by a notorious gangster from the area, Ali Arselan Chillar, Mazhar Iqbal (activist of PML-N, the ruling party of Punjab province), Abdul Khaliq (a petty contractor) and Irshad Arain (former councilor from PML-N ticket). They abducted and sexually assaulted him before and throwing him into deep mud. As his condition was deteriorating, he was shifted to Taluqa Head Quarter (THQ) hospital, where he died from poisoning.

On the same day, 2 November, the father of the victim, Akram Baloch, filed an FIR against Chiller, Mazhar Iqbal and Irshad Arain under Sections 302 and 337 of the Penal Code for the murder at Saddar police station, Boray Wala. After the registration of the case, the Station House Officer (SHO) of the police station, Mr. Mian Asghar Shah, came to Baloch's house and tried to use his influence to get him to withdraw the criminal case against the perpetrators and nominate some other persons, saying that the police can provide the names. After Baloch refused to change the names in the FIR, the police helped the lawyers of the accused persons to get bail before arrest. The courts usually refuse applications for this but this procedure is possible in Pakistan, and powerful persons often get bail before arrest.

During this period, police avoided providing an official letter for autopsy. After several days, police provided a letter that contained a finding that he was poisoned. The rape kit report has not been given by the hospital, as there was huge pressure from the ruling party.

On the receipt of the report about poisoning, the police were compelled to file the cases under Section 337 (to cause hurt); and 302 (murder) against the perpetrators. Police have taken the perpetrators into "custody" and provided them a separate room as the guests of the police.

Please write letters to the following authorities calling for an inquiry into the case of rape and poisoning of a young man by influential people under the patronage of the police. Please urge them to arrest the perpetrators and prosecute the police officials of Saddar police station, Boray Wala, Punjab province. Also urge them to arrange compensation for the bereaved family.
The AHRC writes a separate letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment calling for his intervention into this matter.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blogger Blues: Rehtaeh

I know I shouldnt be even blogging right now as I have so many other things that I need to get done but I am so fucking enraged right now that I really need to vent.

Its my personal routine that every night I check my blog stats, comments, feedback, email, search words etc. just to get the idea where is the traffic to my blog coming from.. getting a sense on my readers and so on...

Recently I ranted about my frustration with case of Rehtaeh, who is dead as she committed suicide after 2 yrs of relentless bullying and slut shaming by the 4 guys' who raped her.

I wasnt expecting anything grand but then I witnessed this:
Notice the search key words used within last 5 hrs for people searching for Rehtaeh
Guess who is coming over to my blog these days; sick assholes who are looking for raped pictures of Rehtaeh!

I write about sexual violence and most of the people who end up hitting my blog up are closeted rapists/paedophiles looking for elaborative "child porn videos" or spiced up story as if written by a sexual predator.

Its really terrifying to know that people consider such horrendous shit as erotica! [ which counts into the numerous reasons I despise porn but thats another debate ]

What really has disturbed me deeply is the number of people who have been looking for "rape porn"; not just for adults but of children.

I fail to understand what kind of "pleasure" exists in violating someone especially children!

People are talking and supporting after her death but there are people who are still looking to glorifying her vicious pain and have some sort of "pleasure" out of it. Its fucking disgusting!

So many people obsessed with "virginity" and idea of sexually assaulting someone; it literally blows my mind! Another different example from today;
I just dont know why would anyone care for "virgin gang rape story" as form of erotica?!?

I get so enraged when so many ppl looking for child porn end up visiting my blog; but here the person is dead. Rehtaeh is dead! Let her have some fucking peace! She didnt get justice in her life, dont take her death away from her!

I know Anonymous [hacktivist group] has been able to ID alleged rapists of Rehtaeh, I wish we could also ID sickos who are searching her as "cole harbour whore".

Anyways I am low, so I will see you guys later...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rape culture has another victim: Rehtaeh Parsons

Its not new that you hear about police incompetency and brutality in the news here and there. Police services have never been cooperative with women who have faced sexualised violence and abuse in form or the other. I can count a number of times when I have tried to report violence and all I have been shown by the police is a whole lot of incompetency.

Though today's case The Chronicle Herald has a heartbreaking and shocking story about a young girl who took her own life after being raped and then relentlessly tormented by her peers.

It reminds me of the infamous Steubenville, Ohio rape case – except that it school here is in Nova Scotia, except that Jane Doe is still alive, her rapists have been prosecuted [even if not the way I want them to be] whereas Rehtaeh is dead!

She committed suicide after the RCMP didn't find "enough" evidence to prosecute her four rapists and when her raped pictures [child porn] was distributed in school.

I want to know under which laws having a child porn [ aka raped pictures of 15yr old ] is not CRIMINAL in Canada!!

So where does that leaves us? It leaves in the place where it shows that having mere laws are not enough when we dont have "competent" people implementing them.

It shows how rape culture is NOT taken seriously and it also shows that how when a person dies, only then a police chooses to act.

I want to know where was the system; where was fucking social services; where was public school system; where was the principal and where were teachers; where was community; where were parents who are not only complicit for such harassment to take place but they are also responsible for her death!
Rehtaeh in her family photo

Here are a few excerpts from the news piece and her facebook memorial page;
Rehtaeh Parsons had a goofy sense of humour and loved playing with her little sisters. She wore glasses, had long, dark hair and was a straight-A student whose favourite subject was science.

On Sunday night, the 17-year-old’s family took her off life-support.

Three days earlier, on Thursday night, she hanged herself in the bathroom.
It was 17 months before that when “the person Rehtaeh once was all changed,” her mother wrote Monday on a Facebook memorial page.

“She went with a friend to another’s home. In that home, she was raped by four young boys,” wrote Leah Parsons.

“One of those boys took a photo of her being raped and decided it would be fun to distribute the photo to everyone in Rehtaeh’s school and community, where it quickly went viral.”

Rehtaeh, a 15-year-old Cole Harbour District High School student at the time, was shunned, wrote her mother.

“They all go to the same school. She couldn’t go back to the school,” Parsons said Monday in an interview.
After Rehtaeh left her school, other kids were relentless.

“People texted her all the time, saying ‘Will you have sex with me?’” she remembered. “Girls texting, saying ‘You’re such a slut.’”

But then there is the question of how the adults handled the alleged sexual assault that Rehtaeh described to her mother.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Scott MacRae confirmed the police are now investigating a sudden death involving a young person.

“An investigation into an earlier sexual assault was completed, and in consultation with the Crown, there was insufficient evidence to lay charges,” MacRae said.

Out of respect for the family, and because of privacy laws, he couldn’t discuss details of the investigation Monday, and the force sent its sympathy to Rehtaeh’s loved ones, he said.
Parsons said she was unhappy with what she saw of the investigation.

“They didn’t even interview the boys until much, much later. To me, I’d think you’d get the boys right away, separate them.”

When it came to the photo or photos taken that night, “nothing was done about that because they couldn’t prove who had pressed the photo button on the phone,” she said.

She was told that the distribution of the photos is “not really a criminal issue, it’s more of a community issue,” she said.

“Even though she was 15 at the time, which is child pornography.

“The whole case was full of things like that. We didn’t have a rape kit done because we didn’t even know (anything had happened) until several days later when she had a breakdown in my kitchen.

“She was trying to keep it to herself.”

Its insane and beyond disgusting that a mother has to come up expose her dead daughter's identity to ask justice for her!

At this point, I am requesting all my readers to please sign the petition for Rehtaeh so that we can make sure that nothing like this is ever repeated again

Friday, April 5, 2013

FEMEN Rant: Response to Inna

Ours today guest post is a response to statement of FEMEN's founder Inna in Huffington Post:

Our author is Moghazy Shier, resident of Egypt, local activist and interested in women rights' in Egypt. You can reach him at @Ghozo on Twitter

I thought I was about to stop ranting about FEMEN and let them be until I read the response of FEMEN’s leader Inna Shevchenko that was made to Huffington post regarding the criticism they received from women that are against FEMEN’s approach to their issues which was :

"They say they are against Femen, but we still say we are here for them.
"They write on their posters that they don't need liberation but in their eyes it's written help me.
"You know, through all history of humanity, all slaves deny that they are slaves
"We are proud to share progressive ideas for all over the world, all ideologies have the place where they were born but ideology of freedom doesn't have nationality or specific location, it's a universal idea that is shared by Arab women too!
"Why do they have to cover their bodies? This is beginning of the process." 

I am fuming and writing this as I am viciously eating a cupcake ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! Your ignorance is very offensive and you clearly don’t know anything about Arab and Muslim women at all. Insinuating that Arab and Muslim women suffer from Stockholm syndrome that they are slaves is very insulting and your audacity to say they refuse your help but in their eyes it’s written help me is very hilarious that is some wicked witchcraft dear what are you now the "Arab and Muslim women whisperer’’ ! Your moronic statement perpetuates the stereotypical image of Arab and Muslim as helpless victims when it is far from truth it renders their daily fights against the patriarchal society all their efforts useless!

Let me tell you 2 examples of 2 simple Egyptian Muslim women I know personally and interact with them on daily basis who relentlessly fight for a better life no matter what. The first woman her name is Hameeda she sells milk in our neighborhood to support her family she gets verbally and sexually harassed on daily basis while distributing the milk across the neighborhood and she is not afraid to put up a fight defending herself from perverts and kick their asses.

She is veiled she is definitely not a slave ! and she didn’t bare her breasts demanding liberty from the patriarchal society we live in she chose to fight her own fights covered up fueled with her own will and hope for a better life .

The second woman her name is Reda, she helps my mother around the house cleaning up and running errands. She is a mother to 3 kids and she is married to an obnoxious man who is greedy and doesn’t want to spend money supporting the house so basically she is the one providing for her family. She words hard every day going from house to house running errands and of course she faces harassment on daily basis and she fights back for her rights she is obviously not a slave, she didn’t bare her breasts demanding liberty from her oppressive husband instead she took matters to her hand fighting her own fights to fulfill her hopes and dreams of a better life .

My point is everyone choose to fight their own fights against patriarchal societies with their own different ways these women chose to pursue life and fight it’s ugliness covered up willingly because it’s their own choice.

You chose to protest naked and as much as I disagree with your approach because it perpetuates the objectification of women’s bodies and makes you question the effectiveness of protesting naked but still you are free to whatever want as long as you don’t impose your methods on others.

Arab and Muslim women are always fighting for their rights they don’t want anyone to fight their fights for them when Amina, the Tunisian girl, who photographed herself topless with “my body is my own and not the source of anyone’s honor” written on her chest and in another in one photo and in other one showing a middle finger with ‘fuck your morals’ we supported her regardless our stance on nudity whether we agree or not with what she did.

What’s really annoying that Femen is trying to abuse Amina’s case by basically generalizing that whoever doesn’t agree with them doesn’t support Amina which is WRONG and proves that they are hijacking her case for their own agenda .Let her fight her fight without barging in acting like the savior, she chose to take those photographs knowing the consequences she will face from the ultra-conservative groups. So dear Inna GET OVER IT !

Thursday, April 4, 2013

For the love of "Bottomless Jihad"

I aint sure how many of you read about it that FEMEN have announced Topless Jihad to counter Islamic extremism. WOW, like why didn't I think of it? Is it that easy.. is that all was needed to be done, bearing your titties so that our Salafi brothers can give up.

Even if it was that easy and that "radical" move, I am not buying the whole crap that FEMEN really cares for women. FEMEN might care for women who look good when they shed their clothes but they dont really care for women who come in all shapes and sizes.

Exhibit A: FEMEN doesnt likes fat women

I never understood these nude protests and I assume I will never get them ever.

As an example, I have seen nude protests where they go "Topless for Palestine"! Seriously people, I dont think if Zionists really care for women bearing their breasts and no they wont get scared of your nipples, run around the field, drop their arms and leave the occupying land of Palestine. It will not happen! But other than Zionists, I really dont think Palestinians care for women going topless for them. They will most probably be horrified in the manner and go, "Woman, put some clothes on!!" You want to go nude and practise your right to wear whatever you want, please do so, just dont try to be over-bearing for the rest of us.

Other more famous example would be when people decided to hold nude protests in Bush era to stop the invasion of Iraq, yeah exactly that one!
It didnt stop the war did it?? Did anyone bothered to take a moment of peace and think of it why?


So even if we buy the whole thing that FEMEN is not actually selling the whole idea of comodification and sexualisation of women [I call it the porn collection] but its actually fighting for "equity" then why the hell leave behind.

I mean is it because people who end up supporting FEMEN are mostly heterosexual males who just jack off as they manipulate the whole role of "female liberation" and "sexuality"?!?!

OK, so even if it is, our Twitter peeps thought that they can rectify the situation, you know bring the men on board and call it MEMEN with Bottomless Jihad, yes you heard it right! Here is what they had to say!

So now coming back to eastern hemisphere where FEMEN thinks that its attacking the Islamists, not its not, its actually fuelling the fire of "anti-west" sentiment which is very pervasive. Here people hate the West for being colonial and medddling in people's affairs and then claiming that how fucked up countries are. And before anyone jumps up on the bandwagon of me "being apologist", no I am not denying that our people are messed up. We have a lot of things to do, we have to fix a lot of things but going nude and acting like prepubescent teenagers is not going to help the cause.

At the end, this April 4th, this is all I have to tell you guys!!

So maybe tomorrow at work and at school, I will just get that dusty abaya out of my closet to protest this naked stupidity...

I mean come to think of it why bother even staging huge protests against governments and thinking about the dangers of getting shelled and water board, we should all just shed our clothes!!
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Forced Conversion: Ganga

We have guest post from Dileep Gi Goswami from Hyderabad who is writing about recent forced conversion of 17yr old Hindu girl in Jaccobabad, Sindh. Dileep is a local activist in the Hindu community and he is a former member of Youth Parliament Pakistan.

Its very unfortunate that 2013 hasn't even started properly and this will be the second incident of forced conversion from Sindh reported in local [Sindhi] print media.


Jacobabad: Hindu Girl Ganga forcibly converted & married.

Ganga a Hindu woman converted to Islam and forced married a Muslim man. The protest and a “wave of anger” within the minority community led to the postponement of polls for the Hindu Panchayat in Jacobabad yesterday.

Reports from Jhanjhri Street area of Jacobabad said Ganga, the daughter of gold trader Ashok

Kumar,kidnapped & forced married Asif Ali, son of Bahadur Ali Surhio, at Amrot Sharif Dargah after converted to Islam. Aasia name given to Ganga.

The woman’s parents and several relatives rushed to the shrine after learning about the conversion but the marriage had already been registered before their arrival. They returned to Jacobabad and lodged an FIR that alleged Ganga was kidnapped by Asif Ali his father, a brother named Abid Ali, and another man identified as Miran Bukhsh. Asif Ali was not at his residence but his father, brother and Miran Bukhsh were arrested.

The Hindu community of Jacobabad took to the streets and organised a protest against what the “kidnapping” of the woman. Incumbent Panchayat chief Harpal Das Chabria told several hundred voters and their candidates that kidnapping of Hindu girls and their “forced conversion” had increased.
He appealed to authorities to check the trend and provide protection to Hindus in Sindh.

A rally was organised from Janta Hall in Jacobabad against the alleged kidnapping. People marched to the local press club, shouting slogans for Ganga’s reunion with her family. Hindu leaders warned that if their demand was not met, the community would observe a strike across the city and start an agitation.

The Hindu community in Sindh has been up in arms since last year over the alleged abduction and forced conversion of many Hindu girls

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