Thursday, May 30, 2013

DNA is not acceptable as primary evidence of rape.. are you kidding me?!?

Does anyone realizes how much it FUCKING pains me, when I read garbage from clergy on authenticity of DNA for rape cases?

I should go out and burn my forensic chemistry degree and curse on the 4yrs I spent in university *sarcasm*

But I do literally feel like that at the moment... as all the knowledge in the world cannot stand infront of religious extremism, misogyny, ignorance and rape culture.

Such decisions are the precise reason men and especially men who lack basic knowledge like grade 12 science should not be throwing around decisions which undermines the life and experience of so many people.. the decision which is not just harmful but it essentially promotes rape culture and condones rape in the name of religion.

So this one and only council.. Council of Islamic Ideology.. is found only in Pakistan where they make moronic decisions.

Imagine that they are not only the biggest buffons of their time but they are the religious arrogant morons who would even have the decency to recognize their moronic mistake!

Pakistan's legal system on sexual assault is a prime example of systemic sexual violence. We have these moronic councils like CII, where they decide the fate of people.

These are the people who consider that for a woman to get "justice" in the land of pure, she needs to be humiliated and re-victimized in the most inhuman ways. And if she cannot find "4 male witnesses" who can testify to her agony than rape is basically adultery and she is suppose to rot in prison for that.

So the primary evidence for rape must come from 4 witnesses? Do you know how stupid that is? It's a license to rape!!!

MOST people might not know but we have indeed reached 2013; we are not in 620 AD!! Eye witnesses have been replaced with science for investigative purposes. We know use DNA not for just sexual assault cases but for other cases as well in forensic investigation.

The reason DNA trumped it because people (eye wintesses) lie science doesnt!
Taken from the website of Innocence Project
The error rates for eyewitnesses is accounted to be more than 70% in most cases whereas biological evidence has less than an error rate of 5% and it can give individual profile with an accuracy of 1 in trillion on more [ check statistic method for DNA profiling ] 

A paper by Dennis Ford, Ph.D and Mark Zaid, Esq. in 1993 titled Eyewitness Testimony, Memory, and Assassination Research. It sheds more light on the credibility of the method.

So the question is if we have so much information and knowledge out there, on what fucking basis CII produces such irresponsible statements???

Usually I never make the argument of honour but from their statement its seems that CII says Pakistani Muslim men are essentially beghairat who would witness rape & enjoy it rather than stop it thus justifying "4 male witnesses".
I mean come to think of it, it is free rape porn for everyone at the end of the day. 

, people are changing laws & pursuing laws to expedite cases whereas 's clergy officially doesnt recognize , Bravo! This is the country which always has a unique race against India where it tries to be holier than thou against them cos after all Pakistan is the land of oh-so-pious-Mozelms.

So in light of everything, CII, please stop embarassing all Pakistanis worldwide!!! We are not all Neanderthals who believe in the system of stone age. We are conscious, living, breathing, critical thinking human beings.

Try to enroll in grade 12 biology courses, it will tremendously help in your stunted knowledge about the world around you.

Last but not the least, to be a Muslim doesnt mean that I need to get rid of my gray matter!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Overview of systemic discrimination in Canada's East Coast

Today's post is guest post and its rather long one as it explores systemic discrimination in Maritimes. Our guest blogger is Finn from Quebec.


New Brunswick is a province situated on Canada’s east coast and is part of 4 east coast provinces referred to as the Maritimes.  After hearing from various locals and expats to the region, a few nick names for the Maritimes were shared; the most popular was “boys club” and Mississippi of the north”, and many more to describe the silence on systemic discrimination.   

Open racism in a mild dose or shocking dose does not surprise Maritimers, an example of incident here After reading the Moncton’s Free Press post ; an understanding of the region’s systemic attitude towards visible minorities needed to be looked at.

The flagrant abuse of power in Grace Belliveau’s case, a person of visible minority, and the sexism Belliveau was subjected to would be something to read about in a less progressive part of the world where discrimination and sexism is rampant and money or power is a person’s only saving grace from such abuse and violations.  Further inquiry lead to the revelation that NB [
98 % white has no Council on the Status of Women, no active advocacy group on anti-racism, no legal aid clinics, and the set up of their Human Rights Commission is still the old system of an “Investigator” instead of Ontario’s current system of straight to a Tribunal, as well as the Maritimes have no bureaus for any national papers with a staff of feminist writers. Looking at the Maritimes media one would think there is little to no racism or sexism- this is misleading because there is no one actively reporting or writing on these repetitive issues that warrant the nick names.  

Why are people in this region not actively reporting or writing on the sexism and racism experienced by individuals living or visiting there?  The overwhelming impression after hearing from locals is the fear and backlash from others in the community.  Or as some like to refer to it as, the “white Taliban”.  It was explained that the Maritimes is a collection of small towns where everyone knows everyone or knows someone who knows someone; 6 degrees of separation, similar to the most popular small town Hollywood. People in the communities who want to help or perform their job in the capacity that helps the target or victim of discrimination or sexism is discouraged by the unspoken fear that their jobs/opportunities will be affected. There is a culture of sexism and discrimination that people put up with as no one will take leadership to tackle the issues.  
The passivity of Maritimers leaves for a climate of tolerating discrimination and thus resulting in a long list of collateral victims from this low standard of humanity. When people there don’t challenge the culture and take little to no action against it; as it only affects less than 2% of the population- attitudes are apathy and complacency.  And where there is an old history of systemic racism, there is sexism.  Two old forms of discrimination; still living artifacts lingering from the ancestors.  This case of Belliveau’s is a prime example. After hearing from other testimonies, Belliveau’s case on discrimination is not unusual.  Comments like, ‘he’s good looking for a black guy’, ‘she’s not pretty she looks Chinese’, or ‘she’s pretty even though her eyes are like that’ or whenever referring to a person, their identity of not being white has to be mentioned in the conversation- ‘my friend Bob, he’s black’ are comments that are heard there today. And the surface condescension of being ‘friendly’ but not extending friendship, as one of the NB Multi-cultural association Director’s description of Maritimers in a CBC interview;  they are friendly [to visible minorities] but they don’t make friends.  There is a deep tradition of white privilege and ‘otherness’. Testimonies from the locals tell the story:  
while at a Moncton local bar, a white patron was making monkey sounds towards a black patron, meanwhile the white girlfriend approached the bouncer who had seen the racist behaviors, demanding that he do something and kick the racist out.  The Bouncer replied it was none of his business and that they can leave if they are not comfortable.  Another story from a Moncton resident:  while attending Universite de Moncton, one black student out of a group of white roommates was being harassed by one white roommate. He would not use the shower after the black roommate; he would remove the black roommate’s food from the fridge, intimidating the black roommate.  Meanwhile the other white roommates did not threaten to kick out the harassing roommate if he did not stop.  So the black roommate contacted the RCMP.  The RCMP told the black roommate, for your safety you should move.   Or stories of mansplaining:  a female journalist wrote on socio-environmental issues; in a meeting with her colleagues, a male heavily criticized her piece, but left others alone.  At first glance, no eyebrows were raised, however, later when he published a piece, there was no contest on who had more experienced writing skills; the female journalist.  
These testimonies of discrimination may seem like something one would hear from the era of the 1950s civil rights movement, but no, rather, they are testimonies today out of the Maritimes.  A part of Canada that resembles more a museum’s exhibit on the history of discrimination and sexism than the “harmonious, cosmopolitan society”, as described by Josh Barro of Bloomberg News.
Belliveau has followed all steps provided by NB government legislation, yet there is questionable conduct coming from the Human Rights Commission and the Ombudsman.   Reports close to the source say that key evidence in her Complaint was left out of the case analysis report, her list of over 30 witnesses were not questioned, statements made up by the Defendants, Nancy Mathews and Miriam MacLeod, were not corroborated or investigated, defamation on her dating life were created and this was used against her in the case analysis report [relevancy?], her complaint was changed, her union accepted a bribe from the school district HR Director to not pursue her oral grievance in exchange for several written grievances—on top of the Commission’s unlawful disclosure and forging a legal document.   Reports close to the source say that the acting Ombudsman Jennifer Murray sent her the file on her case—the contents were all correspondence from Belliveau; nothing else.  Under the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Belliveau has the right to see all records regarding her file, and the parts that identify a third party be ‘blacked out’ while leaving all other content visible.   It’s these types of blatant abuses of [white privilege] power subjected to a target of discrimination that gives the Maritimes its nick names.  
There may be discrimination on the street or at work, but when a victim of discrimination goes to enforce the legislation that protects from such abuse, and then the people entrusted in government engage in questionable conduct; they simply re-victimize the victim and the discrimination is maintained.  As all types of systemic social behaviors, the pattern is in place and what people are doing is not new or first time.  It’s executed with no effort and with ease because the pattern is already in place.  No new roads are being paved.  The discrimination is normal.   This white privilege mind set is not only disturbing, but it fails to recognize the human existence of others who don’t share the white privilege reality.  This white privilege pattern alienates and subjugates human beings into non persons.   No one recognizes their suffering, their abuse, their energy wasted upon fighting this systemic pattern.   This white privilege thought pattern of being complacent to discrimination is selfish and self indulgent.  ‘Put up with not being treated as an equal, with rights’ or go someplace else where there is no discrimination is an astute description of the isolated Maritimes.   

There is a lot of old social stigma towards someone who rocks the boat and these people who do point out discrimination, are quick to hear the classic phrase, “prove it”.  This is a way of silencing others from calling out the discrimination.   It’s usually very easy to prove on a micro level or the macro level.  For example in Belliveau’s case, the clear cut way to prove it is to ask the question, would any other female at her work place been handled and treated the exact way?  IF the administrators in question can say, yes we would treat any other female staff the same way, then they can say everyone’s rights are equally violated.  According to close sources, Peter Stuart was treated differently than Belliveau and they couldn’t picture any other female colleague being mistreated the same way as Belliveau, at the very least other females would have been given the benefit of doubt instead of being judged.  Did the NB Human Rights Commission question and investigate this area?  Discrimination is discrimination and those who defend discriminating behaviors refuse to recognize all humans are equal. One is either for or against. And those in positions whose role is to address and mitigate the damages of discrimination; if they are not ‘against’, then they are ‘for’ when they do not help victims like Belliveau.  And such is the culture of the Maritimes as lawyers and victims have attested to.  
Sources close to the victim said that Belliveau’s lawyer pointed out how the Commission was building the defense for the accused by trying to take Belliveau’s claim off track and thus not being impartial to the outcome.  Sources close to the victim express concern as there are witnessing a Commission that is window dressing; to give a false sense of hope to targets and victims who will only be re-victimized.  A soul wrenching process as one lawyer from the region described.  How can change occur if the organizations that are suppose to be addressing discrimination are part of the systemic problem?
The mandate of a Canadian Ombudsperson is to foster confidence in the public or within the organization by promoting the principles of fairness, integrity and good governance.  After a fair, thorough review, the ombudsman decides if the complaint is justified and makes recommendations to the organization in order to resolve the problem.  Reports close to the source say that Belliveau’s expectation from the Ombudsperson’s role was to give the recommendation for another Investigator and investigation after witnessing the epic [criminal] incompetency.  Belliveau asked to see the investigation report carried out by the Ombudsman after he failed to make this recommendation.  

The Credible Review Process for how the Ombudsperson processes complaints is to be made, received, and acted upon, including the scope and manner of investigations, is defined and transparent. The complainant is required to provide the Office of the Ombudsman with details about the complaint, including relevant documentation and the names of persons having information about the matter.  The Ombudsman responds to complaints by gathering facts and information; and reporting findings.  The investigation includes telephone and personal interviews, letters of request, short surveys and supporting document collection and review are relied on to resolve the dispute.  Sources say that Belliveau wanted to see the work in his investigation that lead him to make the decision that unlawful disclosure and forging a legal document is ‘fair’ or not criminal and not warranting grounds to recommend another Investigator and investigation.  Belliveau was told, there is no investigative report and one will not be made for her.  

The Ombudsman is normally granted authority to review an administrative act from the broadest perspective with the goal of improving governance. The standard list of possible administrative acts that are subject to a complaint include acts that are contrary to law or regulation.  When Belliveau asked why an investigative report on the investigation was not prepared and then directed the acting Ombudsperson, Jennifer Murray to prepare a report, Belliveau was told, the letter they sent her is the “report format”.  The Ombudsman advises the complainant and the government or organization regarding the closing of any complaint and discloses her reasons for any complaint not resulting in a published report.  Belliveau was not provided with a reason why an investigation report on the investigation was not created.  Sources say that Belliveau still has not been provided with the information that supports the grounds upon which the Ombudsman claimed, “no administrative errors”.   How can she appeal if the Ombudsman provides her with no information on how he did his investigation to arrive to his findings?  All Belliveau knows is the ‘outcome’ but not how the outcome was created.  Sources say that in the “report format” letter there is no mention of her complaint- unlawful disclosure and forging a legal document.  Did the Ombudsman not understand her complaint?  This is hard to fathom.   In communication, one party mirrors back to the other party what was said in order to illustrate they were heard and understood in order to seek clarification.  How can one investigate a complaint if the complaint is treated like it doesn’t exist?   Why was her complaint not stated in the Ombudsman’s “report format” letter?   Sources say that as a result the Ombudsman does not say whether or not he investigated Belliveau’s complaint and his remarks of ‘no administrative error’ is in reference to something else that he or the Commission has created.  Now the Ombudsman Francois Levert speaks for a woman, while silencing her own words?  What did he investigate?  If he is receiving contrary statements from the Commission, shouldn’t he investigate the statements?  Sources also say that no one is silencing the Commission and they are free to provide evidence to support their statements against Belliveau, however, when there is no evidence, then why is the Ombudsman allowing the fabrication?  And not stating Belliveau’s complaint, ‘unlawful disclosure and forging a legal document’ in his letter to her?  Sources ask why doesn’t he write; “there is no unlawful disclosure and forging a legal document based on this policy x, this email x, this conversation x” ?  Furthermore, in the file Murray sent to Belliveau, she is shown nothing that indicates how the Ombudsman did his work.  Sources close to the victim are in shock at the degree of corruption that is re-victimizing the victim.  The Ombudsman at a minimum should hold no interest in the outcome of the dispute, other than to leave all parties involved with a feeling that the process was transparent, neutral, accessible, easy to understand, complete and fair; prepare public reports that are clear and helpful for future reference.  

When there is questionable conduct coming from the levels that are in place to help targets and victims of discrimination, then there is a clear picture of white privilege corruption or in other words, systemic discrimination.  Back in late 2012, the American writer Ron Edwards puts it
“many Canadians, not all, are in denial about the widespread racism that simmers beneath the surface of public life. When all of these racial acts of violence are viewed collectively a sinister picture seems to emerge. Sometimes one needs to extend the lense to view the micro with respect to the macro. Denial is not the solution.”

There are reports that Belliveau has filed a Failure to Represent on 18 grounds against her union, with the CUPE head office in Ottawa and that she is addressing the alleged criminal activity of bribery.  We shall see if the systemic discrimination from the Maritimes will seep into the Ottawa office?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stop calling people "illiterate" PTI

Dear PTI walas,

Kindly stop calling people "jaahil" / "illiterate" who did not vote for you cos these are the "jaahil/ illiterate" you did *NOT* bother to campaign for.

Its not just classist but its absolutely derogatory and demeaning to the people who did NOT have the same privileges as you!!

You *NEVER* campaigned for farmers who are the agricultural backbone for this country.

You *NEVER* campaigned for people who lived in occupied lands cos their homes in villages were washed away in water and they had no where to go.

You *NEVER* campaigned for people who live on the streets.

You *NEVER* campaigned for people who live on fixed income salaries

You *NEVER* campaigned for people who worked on daily wages, who traveled in local buses; who fed their 10 children on less than $1 a day

You *NEVER* campaigned for people in interior Sindh who live without proper education for their kids, who work in bonded labor, who are trapped into feudal system.

You *NEVER* campaigned for people in Balochistan most of whom are fighting for Azad Balochistan cos their rights were ignored for 65 years.

These are the "jaahils/illiterates" who make more than 70% of Pakistan; these are the people whose needs are equally important.

Your campaigns were always around "torn jean clad urbanites" who have never worked in their lives except feeding off away on their parents money.

You were more interested in throwing in urban elites and having some pop concerts or showing off to some chick how "rad* you are...

Rigging happened across Pakistan, it always has and it always does.

Stop making fucking martyr out of yourselves cos you are nothing close to one and only delusional.

Pakistan is not a FASCIST state, its a REPUBLIC, its a DEMOCRATIC state, learn to live with people differences cos I am not observing people from KP who voted for ANP and calling you names.

When you are grown up and out of your mama's basement then you can talk about *REAL CHANGE*

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Club Aria - another racist shithole

I was the only woman of colour in that whole place when this incident took place. Trust me when I say this, I know Peterborough is an epitome of racism where so much happens that its absolutely invisible but this was absolutely disgusting; so this is what I ended up writing to the owner of the establishment, Lang Freeman [He has not bothered to get back to me with any kind of response]

Last night was the second time I visited Club Aria and before that I used to be more or less regular person at Splice but this is one of the most ridiculous things that happened to me tonight.

Just before we start off with the conversation, I usually go dancing but I never drink. I have never touched alcohol. I think most North American do drink but I grew up as Muslim, and I like to preserve that part of tradition where we dont consume alcohol aka I have never consumed alcohol in my life.

One of his bouncers escorted me out to speak with me, he started off with extremely racist assumptions about myself where he started off with;

"I dont know if its a cultural thing for you people but East Indian people like yourself...."

"How East Indian people have a cultural odour problem.."


Other than that certain assumptions were made about my personal hygiene, which were unsubstantiated on one hand, and were stated as racist stereotypes about an ethnicity that I was assumed to be.

"Indian people like yourself should be using deodorants.."

He further added that the reason he was doing this because the "guests" who were less than 10 on the dance floor before midnight, complained about the "odor".

At that point I was fuming in rage as I have never been dealt by anyone in such a racist and disrespectful manner at any business or establishment.

First of all, I am Pakistani and second of all, thank you for not noticing as I stood there in rain trying to digest what was sent my way when I was not remotely anything as such.

I was told by this bouncer that "I should go home and get a deodorant" and I told him that I would rather leave cos this is absolutely disgusting.

This bouncer was just one step away from saying, "Oh you are brown and because this is a white space, you should leave"
"hey your brown skin is just making all the white people here uncomfortable"

Rather than that they choose to make this huge elaborate story about "hygiene" & racial stereotypes cos obviously it is so fucking cool to do so and I am sure they have got away with it in the past.

I was alone and the only woman of colour in that whole place when this incident took place.

Rest assured I wont be spending my money at this club ever again. I am not sure if you care about racism by your staff towards your customers but I find it highly repulsive and I am reporting Club Aria to all the appropriate reporting authorities.

Fuck them and their racism!

Twitter: @aria_inc

Addendum: May 13 - This is what the disaster management of shitty club does, when they cant respond they turn you into a drunk.. LMAO.. guess what I have never touched alcohol in my life. I didnt grew up with alcohol and I dont keep it in my home and I dont drink it with my friends.

You can find the video on Youtube by following this link:

And on ChexTV:

May 14 -  Statement which I recieved from Aria's owner
According to them, I have gone from "drunk" to "drunk-like", hello abstainer here, never did/do drugs, alcohol and all that jazz not even a cigarette

This is what I wrote them back:

"No Sir, this correspondence is not over, I was dancing on my own, and I was not harming anyone. I have never had drink in my life and I was not drunk.
Your bouncer ......, explicity told me that "I need to go and get a deoadrant" and "East Indian people have an odour problem" I told him that I would rather leave because this was despicable.
There were less than 10 people on the dance floor at 11:30 ish and I did not interact with any of them. You might have staff which are non-canadian and you might be an Arab that does not makes you less of racist for covering it up for your staff and it also does not makes you less of "businessman" protecting his business so that no one can point you out.
I saw the statement Club Aria released to Chex TV that "I was drunk" and "we have not interviewed the bouncer", well great to see your prejudice right there.
I am taking you to Human Rights Tribunal and I do not care if I get anything out of it.
P.S. Do not teach me about loving and caring for Peterborough when its people and establishments like Aria make it unbearable for other people

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fashionably racist - Pakistan

As a Paki-Canuck, and an advocate of race equity, it always breaks my heart when I come across racist garbage from Pakistan .. and trust me when I say this I come across such shit a LOT!

Pakistan, born out of colonial empire has still not de-colonized itself.. rather it has nurtured itself into neo-colonial white washed state where it picks up all the garbage left by the white people! And people who end up embracing those ideals fashionably and making them mainstream are no other than elite garbage of Pakistan, who can't do much, expect flaunt around their money to proof their self worth.

I am not a brand person and I am honestly not aware of whoever is this shitty, racist, slave-loving Amna Aqeel. I dont follow fashion designers especially not Pakistani ones and the following example is the reason why...
 It goes on
 And on
For those who dont know, Pakistani awam (people) have always had a deep hypocritical desire to be like white man, no matter how much they pretend to hate them on the basis of cult leadership of religion. Their actions speak otherwise via different trends. There can be seen extreme desire of skin whitening, to hipster culture, to following famous brand and so on [ you see, our people suffer from a loss of identity.. they still havent recovered from the partition of United India since 1947.. still dont know where do they belong?!? ]

Racism & slave fetishism is not just limited to the fashion industry of Pakistan but it is wide spread, another great example is of Salman Ahmed, the wannabe guitarist of sufi-rock band Junoon [the guy is a nutjob if you ask me and yes my opinion is biased ]
See.. garbage.. absolute garbage and when you call them out on their racism for appropriating history of slavery then they get to be sexist with you cos thats the only thing they are good at...
Obviously the only way hipster trash can get away with his racism by calling you a "pussy cat" and also using the classic line in the book;

"My friend is black so I am oh-so-not-racist!!"

But obviously if white man can choose to flaunt his white power then why cannot his wannabe white wash hipster trash?!?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Elections: Test of abusive relationship between State and people

Today's post is by Mariya Suhail, she is a local businesswoman from Lahore and lovely woman. She is a supporter of PTI and she is currently working as a volunteer and educating people on their voting rights in the community. You can reach her on Twitter @mariyasuhail

Today I spoke to management at my dad's factory about why they are voting AGAIN for PML-N....and in the end I realized that they are a classic example of individuals stuck in an abusive relationship! I swear the same old excuses:

-Well he broke my rib bone again but look he gave me a bouquet for Valentines. (Yes there is loadshedding for 15 hours but see he gave me RING road/motorway/Metro bus)

-I want to give him one more chance as he promised to not hurt me again (Yes PML-N did not perform well in last 5 years but I want to give them one more chance as they promised to change...)

-I have invested so many years in this relationship so I will give him one more chance (Yes, PML-N has been in power so I am hoping that my patience will pay off this time)

-See its not his fault..but xyz is to blamed for his abuse towards me (PPP was in power and not PML-N! Poor PML-N suffered because of the corruption of PPP)

-Why are you finding these fault in my partnership only...look at other marriages (Thank God Punjab is not like Sindh or PML-N like MQM)

-I promise to leave this relationship if he abuse me again (This is the last chance I am giving to PML-N...after that I will never vote for them)

Whatever the outcome of the election is....I hope that the young generation never end up in abusive partnership!

Riverview Middle School and incompetency of government officals in New Brunswick

Today's blog is based on the most bizarre story emailed by one of my readers. The person in question has received undue harassment from government official. This can be described as a clear abuse of power by officials in authority just cos the person in question was an "exotic" specie [term which has been used to describe the person who faced harassment at the hands of RMS administration]. She did not receive assistance from her union members, from NBHCR and from Ombudsman office which is an absolute fail. There has been no record kept by the officials for the so-called investigation and this has caused undue stress and violated rights to harassment free workplace.
Here is a summary of this 5yr ordeal; in May 2007, a female employee and male employee of Riverview Middle School in Riverview, New Brunswick were accused, in meetings, by two administrators at RMS of alleged ‘unprofessional conduct’ during their personal time at a Community Fund Raiser.  
Grace Belliveau was accused of ‘unprofessional conduct’ between another employee, Peter Stuart, while Mr. Stuart was not accused of the same ‘unprofessional conduct’. They were not told specifically what actions they did to be labelled as ‘unprofessional’. After few meetings, Stuart informed the Principal, that because she had used the term ‘unprofessional’ he would be contacting his Union. He states her [principal] reply was that contacting the Union was not necessary as the administration were just letting him know what people in the community were saying about him. Mr. Stuart claims she did not address her own behavior of trespassing into his personal life and questioning him or the actions of her Vice Principal in accusing him of ‘unprofessional conduct’ without describing the conduct.  
Mr.Stuart and Ms.Belliveau state that if this alleged unprofessional conduct was indeed a work matter then why wasn’t there a proper investigation and paper work filed? The VP disciplined Ms.Belliveau for allegations of conduct that took place during her personal time and created no paper work to accompany the disciplinary actions. When some of her co-workers,  who were also at the fundraiser, learned of the actions of the administrators, they said, if you guys were ‘unprofessional’ then so were we.  They were also upset that these administrators were trespassing into personal time and not describing what the allegations were that warranted the work term, ‘unprofessional’.  
As a result of these actions, Ms. Belliveau filed a Human Rights Complaint on the grounds of racialized sexism. The administrators at RMS went after her and disciplined her with no investigation while telling Mr.Stuart it was not a work matter and accusing her of ‘unprofessional conduct’ between him, but not accusing Mr.Stuart of ‘unprofessional conduct’ with her.  Ms. Belliveau states that after the investigation by the NB Human Rights Commission, the Human Rights Investigator attached a Supporting Document Report to the back of the case analysis report.  She emailed the Investigator asking if the School District received the same contents?  The Investigator informed them affirmative. 

At this time Ms. Belliveau informed the investigator she was told by 3 employees of the Commission- 2 officers and a lawyer, that the procedure at that stage is the SDRs are for the Commission and not the District.  Later on Ms.Belliveau learned that a request for permission of release must be made before releasing a SDR. After having several failed attempts at trying to receive proper clarification from SDR for rebuttal, Belliveau filed a complaint with the Ombudsman in 2010 reporting the unlawful disclosure and the falsification of a document to cover up the disclosure. She also asked for another investigation by a different investigator due to this incompetency.
"In 2010 the Ombudsman of NB, Bernard Richard, was made aware of all the illegal activity [investigation/wrongful termination] as he received a copy of this Narrative Report-- in the second meeting he said they were on the fence and had a hard time making a decision."
Two years after, the Ombudsman tells her “the Commission made no administrative errors” and to contact the Privacy Commissioner [this is the most bizarre thing I have heard all day]

"I contacted Francois Levert in early 2012. I informed him I expected a Recommendation to the HRC; to conduct another [proper, legal] Investigation. In late 2012, he notified me in writing; “the commission made no administrative errors” and directs me to the Privacy Commissioner"
In March 2013, Belliveau asked Ombudsman assistant for a report of the investigation that lead to his findings. In April she was told there is no investigation report and the letter she received is the “report format”. 
This is one of the most bizarre things I have had the misfortune of reading as in mishandling and misuse of power of a governement offical. I think this happens a lot back in Pakistan where public officials take advantage and misuse their power in small/large towns. But I was not expecting incompetency at this level. No one provided a final report to her complaint or did proper investigation; witnesses she provided were not interviewed like they didnt tell her on wht grounds she wasnt helped out etc.
At present, Belliveau has been on sick leave with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and relies on friends and family to avoid filing bankruptcy. She is currently waiting to hear from the new Ombudsman so that they can provide details into their decision so that the decision can be appealed properly.

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