Friday, September 27, 2013

A dose of pain and banality

I had a really bad day at work today. A colleague of mine is vacationing in Europe and he sent everyone skype message of how he got sexually assaulted in Serbia.

What ended up happening was a lot of ridicule of him from everyone, of how he was lying and how he must be joking and if it was some new thing.

I am disgusted and depressed right now at work and I had to remove myself from that conversation.

This is not really the first time such disturbing events have happened at my work place. Most of my colleagues are sexist, racist, misogynist and oppressive to different degrees. You don't believe me, check out the blog I wrote earlier.
Shitty workplace
Shitty workplaces
Though, this was a very baffling incident as the whole conversation took over skype amongst 6-7 employees and what ensued as a result was the most disgusting tirade of filth I had ever witnessed. I was being triggered at getting all the pop messages on my work skype. It was agitating me so much that I had to look for the function as to how I could leave a group conversation. 
I just poured myself another mug of coffee and checked my watch for time. I could not wait to leave for home. I like my work but my colleagues do make me feel suffocated at times. The last time I was this suffocated, it was Ramzan and I was fasting and the same person who has issues with my "blue hair" went on THE MOST islamophobic rant. 
And then my supervisor came to me and asked how come I removed myself from conversation. At which point, I said I am not comfortable with people making fun of sexual assault. To which we went completely quiet.
It was not like that I could even complaint it to anyone considering that the company is small and basically everyone was involved in ridiculing this person who just told us that he was raped.
I know tech industry is highly masculine and they are super sexist and misogynist, though the interesting part was that the person who began the whole tirade of making fun of him was this same woman.
I miss working for social justice orgs/groups. I miss working in a place where I did not have to deal with these things.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Was Tim Wise hacked?

I am not really sure what happened over today but Tim Wise facebook cropped up with some interesting material so was he hacked or are these his personal messages?!?

This is bizarre or maybe not so much

Oh my, I am sensing another Hugo Schwyzer drama coming up all over again

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Suicide Prevention Week: what happened on my Twitter

Yes, so it was suicide prevention week and well what you know we got to know that my friend's friend committed suicide two days ago. The person in question was suffering mental health issues including depression and other ailments for a long period of time. Though, what followed on his personal facebook wall was an immense level of fuckery which is ironically common amongst Pakistani awam. The most disappointing part was the fact that the woman who went on holier-than-thou bs is also a medical professional.

Check out blog of Andaleeb Rizvi:
Either Shazia Nawaz who is apparently a doctor in United States, never learnt ethics during med school or she missed some really important lessons in life.

Outraged by this I posted on twitter especially because this was "Suicide Prevention Week", what we end up getting as a result was a series of garbage [ as usual!!! ]

Yes, please, you are a "BITCH" if you call people out on their fuckery. Pakistani mard hazrat epic way of dealing with things [ and then everyone complains why the hell do I cuss so much ]

Another classic thing from the old misogynist book, giving out beauty tips.. you know after all, all women are their personal door mats because thats how doormats are controlled -_-

And when all the tricks in the book fail, the last thing the problematic assholes come up with are "RACISM" because in Pakistan, racism ain't a big deal especially against a Hindu from across the border.

I am just too fucking tired of this holier-than-thou mindset by our Pakistani garbage because thats what they are... absolute garbage!

Today this disgusting person went on to defend some of the most vile shit said by a woman about a person who committed suicide. He then went on a racist rant against my gal pal, Shivangini, why cos she is from India and then he went on to say that;
                             "Indian men rape whereas Pakistani respect their women"

Yeah you fucking asshole, you and garbage like yourself respect women so much that when they get sexually assaulted, you ask for FOUR MALE WITNESSES to prove their pain and when that is not enough and they make the mistake of approaching and reporting the crime, you THROW THEM IN PRISON ON CHARGES OF ADULTERY.

Thats how you respect WOMEN and thats your hypocritical reality.

Oh and guess what happened after he went on to declare in protecting "Pakistani woman" cos he thought I was from India [ maybe cos I am darker than most people ].

You know, fuck Shazia and her problematic self and the fuckers who support her for her fucked up views.

I am outraged and I question everyone who is not....

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Queerdesi: Requesting help from fellow comrades

Reposting callout from queerdesi:
Lately, I have been the target of malicious actions by individuals who seriously want to destroy my life. This is due to blowback for my support of the Dream 9 action, where some of my friends organized a transnational border action, self-deported to Mexico and brought back 6 other individuals.
In July 2013, after losing my job a day before the bar exam due to what I suspect was punishment for supporting the DREAM 9 action and asking tough questions, I asked for job alerts and donations on my personal website, at which point I was subjected to relentless stalking, harassment and defamation from various persons whom I had never met. My words were taken out of context, cast in a false light and misrepresented; my home address was posted on many forums to intimidate and harass my family; I was accused of committing crimes; all my social media profiles were stalked in an attempt to intimidate and chill my free speech; and I was attacked by various individuals who acted as if I had attacked them. One month later, people are still sending me hate mail and death threats i.e. telling me that they will shoot me at sight. 
We are a newlywed, queer/trans, inter-racial and bi-national family and we sincerely feel and believe that our life is in danger. We do not feel safe in our new home. We have reported the persons involved to the authorities and we are demanding a cease and desist for all defamatory statements. In the meanwhile, you can support my legal and advocacy work with a donation via Paypal to

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Saint Mary's Frosh Week ... glorifying rape?

Gosh! you gotta love the technology. So in an instagram video which went viral and for very obvious reasons, you can see Saint Mary's University on Frosh Week.. ... *drum rolls*.. glorifying and celebrating rape... you don't believe me, here have a look at it

and if people feel like watching the whole video, they can do so here.

According to CBC, Jared Perry @SMUSAPresident, the student union president, called it an oversight and apologized.

One would think that student union would be heavily involved in monitoring frosh week activities, at least it used to be when I was in executives but oh noes, it was just an "oversight" on part of the executives of Saint Mary's University Student Union... [if you ask me, I am not buying this garbage excuse of "oversight"]

Guess who is Jared Perry;

Does it not feels great that think that chanting "rape" and glamorizing it is basically an "oversight" are doing to be in future part of our legal and political system... *sigh*

Considering the pathetic response and performance of SMUSA so far, we will see how will they enlighten us tomorrow.

This comes not as a shock especially after the counter protests we witnessed in Halifax after the suicide of Rehtaeh Parson who was bullied after being gang raped.

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