Friday, January 3, 2014

Horrible Employers: Working in freezing conditions

So who knew people could be terminated for reporting health & safety hazards at workplace #Toronto

So here is what happened, on Dec 10th at my workplace, heating went down and we were forced to work in freezing temperatures.

Adnan Topuz, Agentlocator, real estate
Day 1 of heating outage
It continued in that manner for at least two days with zero regard from management.

Adnan Topuz, Agentlocator, real estate
Day 2: Heating Outage

I had to take pictures of thermostat because you know our management just dismisses all complaints.

As per Ontario standards, for any workplace the lowest temperatures are suppose to be min. 18 degrees.

We were way below that and my fingers were freezing. I told that to management multiple times but nothing was done.

So today apparently Ministry of Labor called them and I subsequently got message from owner on FACEBOOK inbox.. Basically saying I was fired.

Adnan Topuz, Agentlocator, real estate

Adnan Topuz, Agentlocator, real estate

And here I thought it was actually illegal to terminate employment over reporting health and safety hazards in Ontario. My only consolation is that I was planning to leave the company anyway but I had to recieve the message 2 business days before my last day.

Addendum: After the owner saw my facebook rant, he emailed me saying that I was NOT fired because I was going to quit. I had to explain how things do not work that way, to which he mentioned that how I am "more than welcome to come back and complete 2 last days"

*MORE DEVELOPMENTS on #workplacehazard*

So my boss after looking at my fb rant, told me that I can come to the office and complete my 2 days

I asked COO of company as to how he wanted me to work to which he said wait for CEO, [guy who sent in the fb msg]

More drama ensued when CEO arrived, he said that he wanted to have meeting with me

Once he took me to conference room, he said, "Why would u post facebook status tht u were fired?"

Me: Becoz ur msg said so

Then he said, "I need doctor's note for u not showing up on Friday." Me: "I do not have doctor's note, I have prescription. It costs 4 note"

To which he said, "I do not want you to be here. You can go home now."

Him: "You can work from home" I said, "I do not have access to anything, how will I work." He dismissed me at that point.

Him: "You will be paid for the 2 days. I do not want you to be here"

And all of this humiliation ensued because I reported the company to Ministry of Labor for horrible labor practices.

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