Friday, November 14, 2014

Dear Susan Martinuk, First Nations lives matter!

I had the misfortune of reading this despicable pathetic op-ed where Susan Martinuk says "Attack on Aboriginal teen is no reason for inquiry" , says the white woman who can never ever walk in the shoes of an indigenous women *rolls eyes*

Idle No More
I am beyond outraged. I am shaking with anger. Indigenous women in Canada are one of the most vulnerable demographics who are exploited and face immense sexual violence. And the only thing Martinuk comes up with is attacking a 16yr old dead girl along with her family? Not only that, editors of this paper thought that this would be a good article to publish?
Is Calgary Herald affiliated with white supremacist groups where they try to pass off overt racism and sexism as a casual joke or have we all just waited too long to boycott this excuse of a paper? Because we all know how Sun News publishes instigating and inflammatory material.

I had no idea if overt racism and sexism could be published in a mainstream paper especially in light of last month's events of Brock University with its black face, Jian Ghomeshi with so many stories of assault and sexual harassment cases on Parliament Hill.

So I demand to know if the lives of indigenous and racialized women don't matter to this country? Is this the way Canadians pretend to care about human rights and equality? Or equality is only relevant when the person is white!

Consider this, this inquiry is not for people of color or indigenous people but it is actually for white people who need to come in terms with reality that they have done irreparable damage to the society and if they continue to ignore the plight of these marginalised communities.

The problem of these communities is very much ingrained in white supremacy, systemic and institutional racism. The sooner mainstream media and establishment comes in terms with it, the better we all can work towards healing of our communities.

I hope that Calgary Herald will re-consider its decision, remove that editorial and apologize to the First Nations community for publishing such an inflammatory piece.

Because the question arises, how many women have to die for these people to wake up?

Lesson learnt from Calgary Herald: I don't always blame victims but when I do it's with tinge of white supremacy and racism.

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