Friday, November 14, 2014

Got whitesplained by rich white man

Lots of you might remember about the blackface which grace twitter after the weekend of Halloween. The news was picked up by various media outlets and people expressed their outrage. The only party which basically protected the guilty party was the administration of university itself.

Like many people I was pissed off when I sent out that email to President of Brock U but what I received as a response was nothing but condescending and disgusting.

Jack Lightstone, Blackface, Brock University    
Reply from Brock University - Jack Lightstone

Dear white people, when you are trying to speak on the topic of racism, please do not try to whitesplain a woman of color. We live casual/covert/overt racism everyday. Do NOT try to make our pain meaningless.

Let me explain it to Mr.Lightsone, I am not sure what kind of institution you are running or if your students live under a rock where they missed facts on slavery in Canada but even "ignorance" gives NO pass to racism. Just the same way ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking the law. If you or people you surround yourself are ignorant, that's all on you but do NOT ask others to be untouched by it.

None of the students in at Brock U have publicly acknowledged that they are sorry so fuck you and your defense. You have a duty to not only educate your students but also discipline them which sets an example for future incidents.

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