Where else I rant?

Here are some of my rants & writings in other media;

Trent Arthur: I was a columnist with them for a year and then a reporter for the next year. There are lots of things I wrote in student leftist media. Immigration, migrants rights, isolation, racism, students rights and so much more. Arthur gave me the confidence and space to have my concerns heard in a wider community and gave me an opportunity to grow a lot more. Here is some of my stuff with them:

Fighting for Student Rights in Quebec

Kony histeria and where did grey matter go

Express Tribune
Targeting Hindu girls for rape
Taroo Maroo: Portraying Paedophilia through pop culture is unacceptable

Why are our female MPs against women rights
Republished in SafeWorldForWomen, SaachTvBlogs

Kafila - A blow to reproductive rights in Pakistan
Republished in SafeWorldForWomen

Gender Focus - Canadian Feminist Blog
Systemic sexual violence and abuse of power in Sindh

The Analyst World - The Systemic Violence

The Under-Reported Sexual Violence Against Hindus in Pakistan
Do we need to be "saved" by FEMEN?

Child abuse and abuse of power in Sindh

Pakistan State Times - Where are Children Rights in Pakistan

Daily Times - A story of violence

Take Back The Tech - Propagating violence through music

Web Islam: Recognition of Multiple Feminism - The voice of Muslim Women
Republished in Feminism and Religion

Sisterhood Art: Inspiring South Asian activists

Huffingtin Post: Response to "Islamic solution to domestic violence"
republished in Qissa Khawani, Tales of Hijabi Footballer, Dance of Red, Take Back The Tech, World Pulse, Feminism and Religion, Sa Esapzai, Sisterhood Art, La divina feminista [for spanish audience]

Libcom.Org: Pakistani Elections And Reactions

Rabble: Why is racism in Canadian nightclubs so prevalent?

People who end up talking about me:

Think Progress - Group Supporting Rehtaeh Parsons’ Alleged Rapists Accidentally Exposed Their Identities On Facebook

Jezebel -Neighbors Support Boys Accused of Gang-Raping Girl Before Her Suicide

BlogHer -Announcing the BlogHer '13 International Activist Scholarship Recipients!

World Weekly - South Asian women are still expected to shut up and suffer

Peterborough Examiner: Student group urges Trent to deal with Racism

CGSJ: Anti-Racism Rally

Race Relation Committee: Campus Racism 2009

Peterborough Examiner: Vigil to end gendered violence

Chex TV

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