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Apart from writing, I do a lot a of one on one casework, and that is basically I write. Most of us face similar issues and this is one of the way that we can reach out to each other and provide support for each other.

This is extremely necessary as there is not a lot of support for people out there and I believe thats why most people turn towards social media and other outlets to look for information and seek knowledge.

I work mainly on gender violence issues and I have worked on anti-racism issues in the past. I am familiar with North American and South Asian laws and legislations. So if you have any queries or questions or you want to contribute, give us feedback and let us know.

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    Love your blog and your sarcasm. Please share what you think of this newest article junk work by Christine Blatchford.

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, here is what I wrote about Blatchford


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