About Me

"Red" is a very powerful colour. It is shown to have range of emotions. Formerly "jiddojhad" meaning struggle has grown and transformed. Its about different stories of struggle that we observe on a regular basis and ignore. Its the story of a life that we all live and yet goes unnoticed.

I usually write about gender violence and sexual violence and its wider impact on society. I prefer to write stories that most people are afraid to talk about. If you have such stories that you want to share do give me a shout.



  1. Best of luck for this kind effort. I beleive we all should take an initiative like this which can minimize the fear in peoples heart to fight for their rights and justice in our country.Sexual violence is unforgiven and the people who do this, they are animals and animals like this have no right to live.

  2. Hi I laud you for what you are doing and love the way you use language - has a delightful spite tinging it all through! And on what you're doing, that's two of us - I mean 'at least' two of us. You should enjoy my spiteful verses at my blog www.nirbhayasindia.com and I do hope to see you there, and to be in touch.


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